Where Are The Potential Women Leaders Of This Country?


This is a publication written by Saminu Abass popularly known as Mr Possible, the content creator at SABTrends’ Blog edited by Adisat Aminat Olabisi also known as Prudence a law student of the prestigious faculty of law, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). This topic, “Where are the potential women leaders of this country?” is published to tackle the menace and ugly situation facing many potential ladies whom bright futures have been truncated.

Woman, I define as a delicate part of human existence which must be treated with care. There is also a popular saying that goes thus; behind a successful man there must be a woman which shows how powerful and important these women are. To become a woman, it has transformational stages which start from birth and ends with death. The chain of transformation changes gradually from being a girl child to being a lady and then womanhood. Succinctly put, (Girl -> Lady -> Woman)

Read here: Where Are The Potential Women Leaders Of This Country?

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