Someone once said there are 5 persons everybody needs in his life. These 5 persons are a lawyer, a doctor, a pastor or an imam, a financial adviser and a mentor.

Whether you agree that you need these people or not, I’m sure you must consult a lawyer under the following circumstances, unless you’re ready to take a deadly risk.

1.    When you’re arrested by the law enforcement agencies and you’re asked to make a statement, you need your lawyer. You’re likely to implicate yourself unnecessarily when you write a statement without having consulted with your lawyer.

 2.    When you have to sign a contractual document, it is safe you allow your lawyer to read the document first. It might be a Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture agreement, Hire Purchase contract and so on.


3.    When you have a transaction with institutions like an insurance company or a bank, you need your lawyer. It takes a lawyer to understand the full legal implications of the clauses in such transactions. For instances, to avoid taking a wrong credit facility, you need your lawyer as much as you may need your financial adviser.


4.    When you have a compensation claim to make with government or a corporate body, you need your lawyer to protect your interest adequately. Imagine a situation where your property is acquired or destroyed by the government, your lawyer needs to come in.


 5.    When you need to re-claim your premises from a tenant, you need your lawyer. In a landlord/tenant relationship, you need your lawyer to forestall taking a wrong step.

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