Someone once said there are 5 persons everybody needs in his life. These 5 persons are a lawyer, a doctor, a pastor or an imam, a financial adviser and a mentor.

Whether you agree that you need these people or not, I’m sure you must consult a lawyer under the following circumstances, unless you’re ready to take a deadly risk.

1.    When you’re arrested by the law enforcement agencies and you’re asked to make a statement, you need your lawyer. You’re likely to implicate yourself unnecessarily when you write a statement without having consulted with your lawyer.

 2.    When you have to sign a contractual document, it is safe you allow your lawyer to read the document first. It might be a Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture agreement, Hire Purchase contract and so on.


3.    When you have a transaction with institutions like an insurance company or a bank, you need your lawyer. It takes a lawyer to understand the full legal implications of the clauses in such transactions. For instances, to avoid taking a wrong credit facility, you need your lawyer as much as you may need your financial adviser.


4.    When you have a compensation claim to make with government or a corporate body, you need your lawyer to protect your interest adequately. Imagine a situation where your property is acquired or destroyed by the government, your lawyer needs to come in.


 5.    When you need to re-claim your premises from a tenant, you need your lawyer. In a landlord/tenant relationship, you need your lawyer to forestall taking a wrong step.

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Comment by Heracles Gatekeeper of Olympus on April 6, 2020 at 2:26pm

All these persons are even more important if you have some disabilities. I know that disabled people often face discrimination at work and this is very unfair. It must be changed. If you face it and you are from New York, you should ask for help on and they will help you to achieve justice and. Discrimination is unacceptable in our society.

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