When will we have a leader?

After 50 years of independent thinking and sovereignty of the nation Nigeria, she still can’t pride herself on having had a leader of repute that could distinctively layout a blueprint on where she should steer, ply the way and have others follow same path. That is what we have been expecting for almost half a century and as we prepare to mark our 50 years of nationhood, let us celebrate and hope that we get a leader that will first discover the way.

Prior to independence we had erudite statesmen who deemed it fit to fight the good fight of independence. But the product of that action was not defined because they did not have a clear cut vision on the macro positioning of the nation. They could not see 50 or 100 years ahead. What tells between great nations and others is the vision which usually was passed down by a visionary Leader for generations to come to follow; that is what is called developmental pattern as was set by leaders like Lee Kuan Yeu of Singapore fighting for independence 1959. Notwithstanding the lack of abundance natural resource and many other challenges laid a road map and followed it till Singapore became Asian financial and industrial superpower, George Washington of United States of America fondly called “the father of America” He fought, created and pilot the independence of the United State of America in July 4th 1776, amidst ratification of the United States Constitution in 1789 et al; these role model pattern the growth and development of their nations they were clear about the vision they had, they laid and left the road map for others to follow.

Looking back at the last half a century of our existence as a sovereign entity, what can we say is the road map we had? Where have we gotten it wrong to retrace our steps? If the vision was clear enough, how can we seek a leader that will take us back to our ancient land mark? Even as we seek a leader, let us not be blinded by geo-political, religious and tribal sentiments, necessitating our choice of a President. I sincerely look forward to a leader that will follow the people; who will lead from behind and put others in front, celebrating victory when nice things occur. And then take the front line when there is danger. Then we will all appreciate his or her leadership.

Looking at George W. Bush statement on leadership; “I have a different vision of leadership. A leader is someone who brings people together.” We need a leader that will first be able to unite us and then chart a course for glory to be followed by other; He has to be very clear on what he wants and be accepted by all not because of love rather respect. He is to be driven by integrity, passion and a renewed sense of loyalty. This personality will be ingrained in service, courage, tenacity and impeccable spirit of excellence, without this we will still be roving round as a nation; all these are to be needed from the man that will deliver this change we envisage in this nation.

As we get ready to go to the polls to pick people for various political positions a lot is expected from Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), all tires of Government, security personnel, electorate and lastly those seeking elective offices. We all have a collective role to play in this peculiar period of our history; and if we do not get the leader of our dream now we‘ll keep hoping that some day we will get this leader.

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