When the goalkeeper is in good condition

The latest NHL 17 content updates are now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide. Based on your feedback during the NHL 17 Beta, there are many changes to this update NHL Coins. The update will include important game and game mode updates as well as new presentation elements and jersey updates.

The human and AI have been updated several times. The situation has been corrected against the goalkeeper in order to punish more accurately. When the goalkeeper is in good condition, a new control glove is added. AI gatekeeper's logic has also been improved so that they can track the shooter's entry point on the web and adapt to a better perspective.

The human goalkeeper has received the save logic and feature updates. The logic of protecting human goals has improved when shooting near the body, and when they have to reach them to help the goalkeeper, they are in a better position and hinders the goalkeeper from staying in their own network. In addition, the human goalkeeper save logic has been improved, so the goalkeeper will not enter the desperate save, unless they have moved or need to be stretched to save.

Now the human goal has been better able to solve the attempt to save the deflection, and can have hockey on their sticks or gloves when they can cover the ice hockey. In addition to other changes, there is an increase in functionality when directly from setting to butterfly after lean and increasing the precision of the motion.

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