When the Battle Royale mode was later launched

On the other hand, a few other games gained in the quarter. Dota 2 rose 22.4 percent, In Real Life (which is simply people showing what they do in real life on a livestream) grew 33 percent, and Hearthstone grew 14.5 percent. Destiny 2 grew 214 percent, thanks to Buy Fortnite Items the Warmind release in May.

Epic Games is currently celebrating Fortnite's 1st birthday with new challenges that will unlock emotes, sprays, and bling. However, it's also offering some extra skins to those that have been with the game from the very start. Fortnite originally launched with just the mode that is now known as Save the World, and was available to purchase as a Founder's Pack. When the Battle Royale mode was later launched, those that had purchased the Founder's Pack were promised some free skins, and almost a year later they've materialised.

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Comment by Olman Grand on September 15, 2021 at 8:19am

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