What you should say to your addicted loved one?

Sometimes talking to a loved one who is addicted to drugs can be very difficult. This difficulty can stem from various reasons, one of which is the confusion that the addict feels, and the uncertainty surrounding their substance abuse. Even though the conversation about helping your loved one get help for their addiction is nearly impossible, there are ways you can talk to them and encourage them to get help.

First of all, let them know that you care. Many addicts have come to expect their friends and family to humiliate them on the basis of their addiction. They also expect to be rejected and harshly judged because of their substance abuse. Instead of making them feel worse about their addiction, let them know that you love them, even though you don’t understand what they’re going through or don’t agree with the decisions they’ve made. Letting an addict know that you care about them and are willing to support their decision to get help for their drug problem, is the first step toward encouraging them to become drug-free.

Listen to your loved one when they ’re willing to talk to you openly about their addiction. Let them express their feelings honestly without interrupting them. During this conversation, let them know that you’re willing to help in any way possible. Offering help is another way to show that you care. Your loved one may ask for help in small ways, such as taking care of his or her children, pets, or they may go as far as to ask for help finding a Colorado drug rehab center. Consistently letting them know that you are willing to help in whatever way you can, will give them the nudge they need to seek help for themselves.

Stay consistent and predictable in your behavior, to show examples of how seeking a Colorado drug rehab center can make them more confident about the decision to change their behavior. If you set examples in your own life to show that you’re in your loved one’s corner, while letting them know that their behavior is intolerable, they will see the need for drug rehab.

During the conversation with the addict in your life, be honest about how their addiction makes you feel. Talk about how they have changed, and give some examples to back up your emotional struggles. When you take this approach in a calm, rational way, you can help your friend or family member make the decision to get help for their substance abuse.

Talk to them when they first wake up, before they start using drugs. Once they get high or stoned, they will have no control of their feelings, and their rationality goes out the window. Therefore, making sure to catch the person you love when they are sober is the most important time to have a rational conversation that will ultimately turn into a win-win with time, patience, and willingness to love and support them throughout the addiction recovery process.

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