What Types of Careers Can You Pursue with a Doctor of Business Administration?

The business administration field is still one that is continuously evolving and growing year after year. Even with the increasing dominance of the Internet and mobile technology, the core principles of business administration apply to all aspects of the typical business structure and work environment. Therefore, making the decision to pursue a Doctor of Business Administration essentially places you at the front of the line for quite a few solid career opportunities that correlate with this field. Below is a brief overview of several of these positions:

College Professor

Perhaps one of the most popular paths for graduates with doctorates in this field is that of the college professor. Numerous studies have shown the postsecondary teaching positions are projected to grow within the next decade at a rate of 15%. Whether it is the first stop on your journey as a Doctor of Business Administration or a stepping stone until your next adventure, your educational accolade is a key that will help you to unlock this career opportunity.

Market Research Analyst

What does the average consumer want? How does the typical company know how to connect with and captivate their target market? In most cases, the market research analyst is the person working hard behind the scenes to find answers to those very tough questions. Depending on your education and experience, a career path that leads to the position as a market research analyst can also lead to very lucrative employment with a six-figure salary. Even if you may want to reach out in a different direction when it comes to career opportunities, this specific path is at least worth serious consideration.

Research Economist

Along the same lines as a market research analyst is the career path of a research economist. The economic trends and data analysis calculated behind the scenes of any company or major corporation are thoroughly researched and examined by an economist. There are many other research-based positions that one can advance to from this specific career path – especially if he or she already has a DBA added to their resume.

C-Level Business Executive

When you think about the people who work behind the scenes to operate an organization from the inside out, chances are that you focus on the upper level executives. For instance, the C-level executive is typically responsible for developing strategies and policies that allow their companies to meet specific guidelines and achieve certain milestones throughout the year. When applying for this position, a Doctor in Business Administration is a solid selling point that provides you with an edge on the competition.

Business Owner

Perhaps you are interested in reaching the top rung of your educational journey before pursuing a career as a successful business owner. Pursuing this advanced degree will ensure that you have covered all the related topics and courses to consider as you prepare for this potentially lucrative career path.

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