About 24.6 million people in the U.S. resorted to the use of illegal drugs in the past 30 days A report from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) indicates higher numbers of marijuana and prescription-type psychotherapeutic drugs, Very Well says. If you’re struggling with substance abuse and you’re looking for professional help, here are a few things to look for before you decide which addiction treatment center is right for you.

Treatments offered

After you've had yourself physically evaluated by a doctor or substance abuse counselor, what did the results say? What kind of program best suits you? If you require therapy but want the freedom to come and go during treatment, then an outpatient program is an option you can go for. However, if you require intensive treatment and need to escape from your natural environment, bad influences, distractions and more, then check into a facility for drug rehab in Colorado.

Recovery services

When you enroll yourself into rehab, what kind of services can you look forward to? Check if the center has the team, expertise and facility to provide the services you need, the U.S. News says. Some addiction treatment centers use a combination of methods like individual therapy and group therapy. That may be the right approach for you.

Family involvement

Other centers also value and encourage the participation of loved ones, offering family therapy sessions that can help you and your family start mending whatever rifts that may have been the result of your drug abuse. Remember that addiction often destroys families. If you and your loved ones want to work together to mend your relationship, then this is the ideal setting and environment for that conversation to happen.

Co-occurring disorder treatments

Some treatments only focus on the addiction, without addressing mental issues that the person may have. If you suffer from both addiction and depression, then look for a treatment for drug rehab in Colorado. Find one that addresses both of your conditions. That’s the best way to move forward with your recovery.

Supportive environment

Support can do a lot to help a person who’s spiraling down the road to addiction. By choosing a treatment center with a supportive environment, recovery becomes so much more possible. Knowing you’ve got people rallying behind you—from fellow residents in recovery to a trained and dedicated staff along with your loved ones—can mean the difference between giving in to relapse and working harder to achieve a sober, drug-free life.

Treatment goals

Not all facilities aim towards recovery. Some offer treatments that still use medication to ease your dependence on the substance. If you want complete and absolute recovery, then you’ll want to look for rehab centers that offer that service. Look into these details before you pick a treatment center.

Longevity and record

A facility with an excellent track record for delivering recovery solutions should be on top of your list. When you pick a treatment center, factor in its experience in the area. That’s often a sign of how effective and reputable it is.

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