What The Npower Recruitment 2016 Means To Nigeria. A Holistic View

What The Npower Recruitment 2016 Means To Nigeria. A Holistic View

The Npower Recruitment 2016 procedure have come and gone, and as at now, the entire populace seems not to be carried along with its proceedings. When President Buhari came onboard, one of his first and foremost initiative to fight the menace of poverty and unemployment among the Nigerian youths was the Npower Recruitment 2016 initiative.

We want to actually have a holistic view of the entire process and its function. Many persons who saw my publications on some National dailies like www.naijavoice.com.ng and www.shiloh-2016.com.ng, made some calls to me via mails and phone calls to verify why some person’s name where omitted from the recruitment list and why some were selected. They wanted to know the exact criteria for selection. Well, I saw reasons with them. Because up till this very moment, we still can’t understand why some persons were granted recruitment and others were not.

If President Buhari actually won and he did win the last presidential election, then it was on the basis of the promise to fight corruption in every sector of the economy. If so be it, what exactly was the the reason some persons could make it through the selection process? Someone said to me that she been a graduate with no job for almost six years did not get the Npower Recruitment 2016 job but for some persons who just graduated, got it. She wondered what her case was?

For reasons best known to the government, they have decided to make the criteria process known to them alone. After a courtesy call was made by my team, we discovered that the recently released names where for the first badge and that a second list of names will follow soon. But how soon it will be, that is what we are yet to know.

Another thing worthy of note is that, the Npower Recruitment 2016, has not pointed to us how the government tend to make this a solution to the unemployed youths of Nigeria. I would like to draw our attention to something very important. If the federal government really would want to eliminate poverty from the system, then it should be approached the right way. These persons who must have applied for the Npower Recruitment 2016, are all graduates remember? So what’s the essence of the training again? These persons, some studied education for four years, and some for five years,and now you are asking them to submit their Resume for another two years training. Is this not a way to undermine our educational system as it where?

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