What the Government should bear in mind as we celebrate our 51st Independence Anniversary

Fellow Nigerians, as we celebrate the 51st Independence Anniversary of our great nation, government should be ready to implement the following as an Independence gift to us:

Power: It is a pity that since the assumption of the 4th Republic on 29th May 1999 the government has promised an uninterrupted power supply but up till now nothing is to be celebrated on this sector. It is true that the present administration is doing some homework to improve the power supply of our their nation but this can never be achieved if all stakeholders refused to be sincere with the government.

Education: When ever I compare the education sector of our neighboring African country Ghana with that of ours, I usually experience tears. The Nigerian education sector might collapse if the government continue to fund and sustain the sector at the rate it is doing now. Our Universities lack major instruments of learning like conducive atmosphere and greater accessibility by the poor masses. It is painful that the poor in Nigeria cannot be able to attend the lowest level of education.

Infrastructure: Government should embark on massive provision of infrastructures like good road network, water and health centers across the nation. Also the government should always provide us with amenities that will be equally enjoyed and felt by the poor in the rural areas.

Health: Government should make health care free in all public health centers because greater percentage of Nigerians are still poor.

Fight against Corruption: There should be no sacred cow in the fight against corruption. No body is above the 1999 constitution.

Security: This should be seen as a major obligation of the government to the masses because where there is insecurity, fear exist and development is hindered.

Finally Nigerians should always be proud of their country any time, any where and at all circumstances.

It is well with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I can see a brighter Nigeria.

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