What makes South African wine so different?

South Africa is a place of excellence, wonder and excitement. But it’s also one of the few places in the world where you can find exquisite wine. Some people suggest that South African wine might very well be one of the best in the world. But is this true and if it is, should you drink only South African wines? Let’s find out!

A very distinct climate

One of the things that makeSouth African wine very good is the climate. The local climate is so unique that you just can’t find something similar anywhere else in the world.

You have a very hot climate coming from the Equator and also cold coming from the Southern Pole. That puts South Africa in a very distinct location where it can have the perfect climate for wineries.

Multiple grape varieties

The grape varieties in South Africa are known as cultivar. While you can find some normal varieties here, there are also some which are known only to the locals.

The most popular varieties include Riesling, Chenin blanc, palomino, crouchen, Semillon and Trebbiano or the Muscat of Alexandria. All of these are tasty and very distinct. Also, South Africa has around 55% of its wineries with white wine varieties.

It seamlessly blends with the local food

The local South African food is extraordinary,and it comes with very specific tastes. Most of the South African wine tends to be sophisticated, tasty and at the same time, it also comes with a sense of elegance. Everything from preparing to serving the South African wine is very well put together, and it just makes the entire experience a very special and personal one. You can rarely find something like this nowadays, which makes South African wine extremely impressive and unique.

A sense of diversity

Every South African sub-region tends to have its own set of wines. And unlike other countries, not a lot of that wine will leave South Africa, in fact, most of it it’s for local consumption. Which is why few people outside South Africa get to experience these amazing wines.

And that’s a shame because these wines have a taste and quality of their own. They have a great taste and a prolonged aftertaste that will make you remember them again and again. And there are no two types of South African wine that taste the same. Each one of them has a whiff that makes them stand out.

If you like the idea of trying out great wine, then it’s important to give South African wine a shot. This is one of the best types of wines out there, and it will impress you with the outstanding quality and diversity. Since there are so many good wines that originate from South Africa, you should consider consuming them soon. And the best thing you can do is to combine them with local food as well. South African food brings in front the best from all South African wines, so you may want to try out some local dishes too just to see how good they are with these wines!

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