THE VALUE OF MY VOTE Last week, I witnessed an amazing drama unfold as a politician tried to convince Mr. James to cast his vote for a party. When the politician realized that his effort was getting him nowhere, he brought out a bundle of N200 notes & dangled it in Mr. James’ face. “How much is your vote?” he asked, with a deceptive smile. Mr. James hesitated for a moment,then grabbed a piece of paper&began to scribble down something. When he finished writing, he handed the piece of paper to the politician saying, “This is the value of my vote.” The politician went through the paper briefly& then squeezed and threwit away, in my direction. He hurried away, saying that my neighbor wasn’t rational. Mr. James, realizing I was watching, picked up the paper andsaid, waving the paper at me, “Am I being irrational?” I collected the paper and saw he had written on the paper the breakdown of his family’s expenses, which the government (according to him) had so far failed to provide or make available for its citizens. He then multiplied everything by 4 years like this: Security-N20k/mth x 12 mths x 4yrs = N960k, Generator- N40k per 2yrs x 2 = N80k, fuel 4 generator - N1k/day x 365 days x 4yrs = N1.46m, Potable water - N500/day x 365 days x 4yrs = N730k, Healthcare Insurance- N10k/mth x 12 mths x 4yrs = N480k, Education- N5k/mth x 12 mths x 4yrs = N240k, Housing-N500k/yr x 4yrs = N2 million.Total- N5.95 million."Well, if asking for the basic necessities of life is being irrational, I wonder what is rational? I wasn’t trying to be difficult,” he continued. “I believe this is a modest breakdown of expenses considering I ve a wife&a kid. If you ve a larger family, the value of your vote may be much higher than this,” he concluded. So,my dear friend, if you want to sell your vote, I won’t say“don’t.” But, be like Mr. James. Make sure it is “worth its weight in gold.” (Inspired by a true story) Wish Nigeria the Best of Leaders Through a Free and Fair Elections! Vote Wisely!

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Comment by okosun grace on April 10, 2011 at 6:11pm
mr james ws honest wit his breakdwn of hw mch his vote cost, smtims sm of us nigerians dont kno dat sellin of vote also mean sellin of conscience nd everytin gud dat r suppose 2 goten 4rm d rit candidate....... Votin also mins votin 4 ur future, education,health,food,shelter nd all social amenities nd jst d person wit mouth ful of promises. We shud do tins wisely esp wen it has alot to do wit us.

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