Parathyroidectomy is a surgery related to the parathyroid gland. Parathyroidectomy surgery is performed to remove parathyroid glands or parathyroid tumors. There are four parathyroid glands in human throat. Parathyroid glands act to control the amount of calcium in the blood. If one or more parathyroid glands become more active, then the amount of calcium in the blood increases enormously. Due to which, pain starts in the bones. In this surgery, the enlarged parathyroid gland is cut and removed.


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When is Parathyroidectomy needed?



There are parathyroid glands just behind the thyroid gland in your throat. Parathyroidectomy is needed when excessive calcium is produced to cause bone pain. These glands help your body to control the level of calcium in the blood. At the same time, a patient of hyperparathyroidism also undergoes surgery. After parathyroidectomy, bone problems begin to heal.



What do I need to know before having a parathyroidectomy?


Parathyroidectomy surgery may also be unsuccessful in some cases. Because when hyperparathyroidism becomes more, then there are problems in parathyroidectomy. Contact the doctor for more information.


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What are the side effects and problems of parathyroidectomy surgery?


After parathyroidectomy, there is no guarantee that you will be completely cured or all symptoms of the problem are eradicated. However, if this does not happen, you may have to undergo surgery again. Risks of this particular surgery include the thyroid gland and a nerve in the neck that controls the vocal cord. In rare cases, you may have trouble breathing. These can usually occur several weeks or months after surgery. Therefore, before the surgery, you should see a doctor and know about all the risks and problems.

  • Anesthetic reaction
  • Excess bleeding
  • blood clotting
  • Crust or scar at the site of surgery
  • Voice changes
  • Having trouble breathing
  • Decreased calcium level
  • Operation failure




How should I prepare myself for parathyroidectomy?


You should see your doctor before performing parathyroidectomy surgery. You should talk to your doctor about your medications (which you are already taking), supplements, vitamins, allergies and health conditions. At the same time, talk to your anesthetist about the procedure of unconsciousness or numbness during surgery. Apart from this, you should also ask yourself how many hours before surgery to stop drinking food. Tell the family members about the instructions given by the doctor. In most cases, nothing has to be eaten six hours before the surgery.


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What is the procedure that occurs in parathyroidectomy?



You are tested before the procedure of parathyroidectomy. This test will help your surgeon find your parathyroid glands during surgery. You may have options for CT scan and ultrasound to test it.


Before your surgery, an anesthesiologist will inquire with you about your medical history and decide which type of anesthesia to use for you. Actually, an anesthesiologist is a doctor who gives you anesthesia before surgery, so that you do not feel pain during surgery.


Parathyroidectomy takes about an hour. As you are told, before performing parathyroidectomy surgery you are rendered unconscious by anesthetist general anesthesia. The surgeon then makes an incision on the throat for surgery. After which the parathyroid removes the enlarged portion of the gland. After this, soldering is done on the incision.




What happens after parathyroidectomy surgery?


Often, people can go home on the same day they have surgery. So some people go home only after a day or two after parathyroidectomy surgery.

You can start your everyday activities a few days after surgery.


After the surgery, the doctor's tie bandages around your neck, which you will have to keep getting replaced till the stitches are cut.


The remaining portion of the parathyroid gland may become overactive in the future.


If you have any numbness or tingling around your mouth within 24 to 48 hours after surgery, call your surgeon and tell them. It is caused by low calcium. Follow the instructions given by your doctor about how to take calcium supplements.


After this procedure, you should do regular blood tests to check your calcium levels.


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How should I take care of myself after parathyroidectomy?


After the surgery, you will recover in four to six weeks and will be able to follow a normal routine.


You can exercise for quick recovery. But, before doing any exercise, ask your doctor.


Eat a balanced and nutritious diet for quick recovery. Take a diet that is low in quantity and high nutritional. This will reduce the load on your digestive system and keep your hormones balanced.


For a good recovery, it is very important to do regular exercise, so exercise regularly and control your weight. This will maintain your fitness and will not increase body fat, which causes thyroid.


After this surgery, avoid stress for some time. Stress can worsen the thyroid.


After this, it is necessary to get complete sleep to rest the body, so get a full sleep. Sleep and wake up at the same time. This will keep your hormonal balance.


Keep your bedroom cool to relax. A temperature of 23 to 26 ° C is best suited for sleeping. If you sleep well, you will be able to recover from its symptoms soon.


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