What is called a Call of Duty Vanguard?

In this article, we will discuss what is Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard is and when is it being developed.

Also, we will discuss the different things that you need to know about Vanguard, which makes it better than other COD games.

What is Call of Duty Vanguard?

  • Call of Duty Vanguard is the latest game that is going to come out in the year 2021.
  • This is a game that is being made by Activision with the help of Sledgehammer games.
  • This game is known to be released on the 5th of November 2021 that too for the whole world.
  • This means that you can pre-order the game, and once it is released, you can download it digitally.
  • This game is coming out for all platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and all the next-gen consoles as well.
  • This game is going to be the eighteenth instalment in the Call of Duty series from its start.
  • This game shows the birth of a special force during the WW2 era to stop this war from extending.
  • In this game, many forces combine to stop a common enemy from invading different countries.
  • The mechanics that will be used in this game are taken from Modern Warfare, the latest one for a good feel to the game.


What are things you need to know about Vanguard that make it better than other COD games?

Given below is a list of some things as to why Vanguard is going to be better than any other COD game.

  •  Its campaign is much bigger

This has been revealed by the game developers that the campaign of this game is much bigger than that of WW2.

This is because it focuses on the stories of different soldiers fighting on different fronts against the enemy.

  •  Its multiplayer is a hit

The developers have released the multiplayer for testing the game, and it has already reached over 100 million players.

If you play this game, you will feel very awesome and see its mechanics are better than other COD games.

  •  Zombies mode

Treyarch Company is also working on this project to make zombies mode and different maps for Vanguard.

  •  It integrates with Warzone

This means that Vanguard will be following the same thing, and new maps will be included in Warzone.

Another thing is that they might also be adding some more weapons from Vanguard to Warzone.

When was COD Vanguard developed?

Call of Duty Vanguard is still under development, but its multiplayer is out for the players to get a feel of the game.

The development of this game has started in the year 2017 after Advances Warfare got released with Sledgehammer.

Another thing is that in this game, there are no cheaters because it is very safe.

They are bringing out a new anti-cheat system to catch all the hackers as well as the cheaters and ban them.

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