What is a Freelance Network Administrator?

Network administrators are basically the network equivalent of system administrators: they maintain the Hardware and Software of the network. This includes the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of the network gear: Switches,  Routers, Firewalls, etc. Management activities of a network usually include address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and configuration tables routing as well as configuration of authentication and authorization services.


Frequently some other activities are included such as the maintenance of network facilities such as the controllers and adjustments of the Computers and Printers. Sometimes it also includes the maintenance of some types of servers such as VPN, intrusion detection systems, etc.


Analysts and network specialists concentrate on the design and security of the network, particularly in solving problems or debugging problems related to the network. His work also includes the maintenance of the network authorization infrastructure.

Network administrator salary or a network technician salary is around $ 60,000 - $ 75,000. In reality, the salary range depends on the qualification, experience. And the area of specialization too. The more the qualification and experience, the higher the salary range, and therefore, many people go for a master's degree in networking or computer science. Let's take a look at average salaries according to specialization.

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