What a liver transplant is all about

Any treatment as far as liver transplant is concerned, would involve reduce the progression of the disease. It goes on to minimize the symptoms and at the same time reduce the complications of the same. You would need to be aware about the symptoms along with the progression of the disease in order to understand about it in a better way. One thing for sure liver disease goes on to have an impact on millions of people in the country. Not only it is important for the patients, but for their families as well, so that they do understand the process of liver transplant. Here the onus would be to appreciate and recognize the efforts which patients from all over the world go on to face.

Studies does point to the fact that woman who are pregnant can undergo liver transplantation. In fact they can go on to give birth to a healthy baby as well. But there is a risk involved and constant monitoring has to be in order so that the risk of premature babies does not arise at all. As a mother you are suggested not to be nurse at this point of time. The reason being that the drugs could pass on the developing baby.

What is the process to donate an organ?

If you are planning to become a donor, you would need to carry along with your donor card. The sticker has to be pasted on the medical identification card as well. You need to discuss the process of organ donation with your immediate family members as this is something that cannot be carried without their consent. There are lot of clinics where you can find liver donors

In the midst of this it is better if your blood group is of an uncommon type. The basis is that you will get a donor fast. If it is the common type of blood, there is a long queue waiting for the turn of donation. Since this module rolls out on the basis of demand and supply you need to be aware of the ifs and buts of it.

Is there any risk with liver transplant?

Just as the case with any form of surgery, liver transplant does have its own share of risks as well. There could be problems with bleeding or you could face problems with blood clotting. In addition respiratory infections and sometimes the donated liver simply refuse to function as well. If you explore the long term problems it could mean rejection where the body simply refuses to accept the new liver. But a silver lining is that most of the complications that are mentioned could be cured be with ease.

Always opt for the best liver transplant surgeon in India as the have a proven record of being part of successful surgeries. Most of the doctors have undergone education in the top educational hubs of the world and then looked at India in terms of treatment options as well.

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