While I will desire to keep my focus on Imo state, the economic and almost physical strangulation of her people, the misappropriation of her resources, it will certainly  amount to selfishness , if not apathy, on my part, to ignore the prevailing political climate that has spurred untold barbarism and destruction, as a result of the latest presidential election. Barbarism that has befallen our people. Incited both directly and indirectly by individuals on their fellow Nigerians simply because of loss of election by Gen Buhari, and directed so transparently toward Christians and Ibos in the North. Read Adam Sani Abuabdullah92 tweets, if you dispute my claim. This young Muslim man suppresses none of his desire for Christian and Ibo lives and blood. Another Ibo young man, Justice Njoku, makes a noteworthy remark on his Facebook page. He questions the none action by our Muslim siblings, in the North, during the previous election, when the same General Buhari accused Yara Adua of rigging the election and stealing the presidency from him. The contrast in action by our Northern siblings then and now cannot be overlooked. It begs the question, why? Why the double standard.? You remained calm  when Yara Adua was alleged to have stolen the presidency and why do you now resort to this mass killing and mayhem, when President Jonathan won the election, that was better supervised than the previous? Is it fair? Is this your idea of idea of a nation.? When you are not in power you incinerate the nation and people of a particular region, to assuage your anger at loosing.  There are bound to be reprisals  and they are equally unfortunate.  A tit for tat ,in bloodshed ,is an evil exercise.
A part of me does not blame you, my Northern siblings. It blames Ibos, their leaders who will not take up the challenge of building up their region and  completely abandoning these northern states for good, deny you the presence of these Ibos you use as sacrificial lambs. That you unleash your wrath over and over again without justification or provocation. The time to face up to this ugly attempt at extermination is overdue. To explore and dig out the rudimentary forces that instigate you to  these violent reactions toward a particular group of people. The time to seek a comprehensive solution and end once and for all, the bold but sickening massacre of innocent Nigerian citizens, at a drop of the hat. Our nation must rise up to confront this evil specter of politics, if we must endure as a nation. We are at the cradle of our democracy and have a very long road to travel. That road cannot continue to be spilled with blood. It is by every measure, unsustainable. It is unproductive and it constitutes a gathering danger to our unity as a people and to our national security.
It is not my intent or purpose to espouse a separatist ideology on Nigeria. A one and united nation is ideal, but given a choice between death and idealism, any sensible man or woman will choose life and abandon idealism. And Ibos are sensible and desire life. I call on our federal govt. our national congress to impose stricter penalties on crimes directed toward any Nigerian simply because of his or her ethnicity or religion. To allocate sizable resources to increase  law enforcement personnel and equipment to police these notorious states. And if it calls for permanent and overwhelming presence of both military and police forces, so be it. And If it calls for the imposition of a state of emergency, the cost is worthwhile.
 Over-sensitivity toward one group of people, in the midst of bloodshed and anarchy is dangerous, is unfair and above all, a very weak posture for any government.   Lukewarm responses to decades of repeated acts of deadly violence against a people is unacceptable. Our leaders cannot continue to put politics, personal electoral victories and success ahead and above conscience and commonsense. They cannot continue to legitimize actions that are ungodly by being silent and indecisive.  Political pandering is a prelude to our demise as a nation. No group of people should surrender their God-given right and responsibility to defend themselves. Our quest for one nation under one God has been challenged and threatened with this latest eruption of violence. Ibos and Christians cannot continue to take the brunt of undeserved violence. It is very unfortunate that many leaders have chosen the path of political expediency rather than stand up and demand a total accountability and lasting preventive actions. While the bodies of their people are littered on the streets and thoroughfares of many Northern states, exposed to the elements, some are deferring their outrage for another space and time. A time when their political careers are no longer at stake. And as long as Gen Buhari postulates that he was cheated , his supporters will continue to simmer in anger and further perpetrate irreversible harm on their fellow Nigerians and on our national psyche. If he is the great salvation and answer he has professed to be, he should , unconditionally, with a profound and genuine spirit of statesmanship, concede defeat. More than enough blood has been shed for the sake of his ambition. An ambition, I hereby question its sincerity. Enough is enough. No nation ought to cater to one man’s aspiration, nor implode for not meeting his demands. His intention to seek legal recourse only promotes continued divisiveness, anger, and hate, while prolonging the pain of many families, who have lost loved ones, and denying the nation the healing and closure it so desperately needs. Again, enough is enough. We must all truly consider the overall ramifications of a drawn- out conflict. Our economy and our unity. And may we remain one nation under one God.  Thank you.

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Comment by Gee on April 26, 2011 at 11:02pm
It was sad to see the unfortunate incidence of mayhem that follows the presidential election in the northern part of Nigeria, inspite of the free and fair record of the exercise. This is caused grossly by ignorance of the perpetrators, the king ping, and the godfathers of the northern political hemisphere. Violence breeds violence. An eye for an eye is barbarically jungle law which has no knighthood clan in the 21st century. The only solution to this acts of no nation building is EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION. Educating the the youths and and his stakeholders, providing them with meaningful means of livelihood will give them empowerment. Someone who is empowered with grace of daily living will have allegiance and reverence to his master who in this case will be the government and not any of these  political tugs or godfathers. The government have to find a way to control the allegiance of her citizenry and not leave it to this political tugs with chump change stolen from the people in the first place. This is the only war that needs to be fought and win by the feds. and no one else. If you are willing to help in this endeavor/s, help the government win the allegiance of her people. There are many others ways; this is one of many to critical look at- to avoid living and dying by Guns.
Comment by CHIMERE HAMILTON IGBOKWE on April 26, 2011 at 4:20pm

I am not inclined to think that the mayhem that was unleashed on Igbos and non-moslems following the last presidential election was only motivated by the fact that Buhari lost the election. Buhari's defeat was only a pretext,but the underlying motive(s) is/are very obvious: the presumed threat to the status quo i.e the Hausa /Fulani hegemony. After so many years of military rule which likened the rulership of Nigeria to some sort of relay race,with one Hausa /Fulani military officer taking over the reins of power from the other (either by coup d'ètat or contrivance), the Hausa/ fulanis have come to regard the leadership of Nigeria as their property; that mind-set among the Hausa/Fulanis still persists and very palpable even under this democratic dispensation.This explains why there was no violent protest,not even a strand of hair of anyone was touched when Buhari lost the election before the last to Yaradua; an election that was by far severely flawed. Even when Buhari had recourse to legal action to challenge the outcome of that election,the Huasa/Fulani traditional, religious and political  leaders intervened and prevailed on him to "cool down for his brother.Though Buhari's case was heard,the outcome was pre-determined, as the matter had already been "settled out of court" long before the verdict was pronounced.Therefore,no one with their brain in the right place believes that the wanton destruction of lives and property witnessed in many parts of the north, kaduna and Bauchi in particular, was the handiwork of Buhari's supporters alone.

The killing,maiming and destruction of property of easterners  in many parts of the north, Igbos and non-moslems, in particular, have become so recurring and normal that the flimsiest of reasons sets off bestial fury against them.The latest violence was in keeping with that pattern;therefore, the presidential election result was only the pretext,but the motivation was primodial ethno-religious hatred by Hausa/Fulani moslems against their fellow Nigerians.It is note-worthy that each time this sort or mindless killing and destruction occur all we have always heard are cheap and empty rhetorics in form of indignation or outrage from norther religious and political leaders,who in fact, have always been the ones morally responsible for such acts of violence.Instigators and perpetrators of such acts of violence have never been held accountable. Buhari and some nothern traditional, religious and political leaders have once again recited that all-familiar line :"we condenm...". If they are truly sorry about the the killings and destruction of property that took place,they should go steps further and act differently this time around by helping the police to fish out those responsible. 

As  for christians,Igbo traditional leaders and politicians,political correctness in the face of recurring acts of violence against our people can no longer suffice.Bases for Nigeria unity ceased to exist long ago and the earlier our people living, working and doing business in the north come to terms with this brutal fact, the better. The unity of Nigeria should not matter more to us than it matters to the Hausa/Fulani moslems,to the extent that the tree of unity of Nigeria should be watered regularly with the blood of innocent igbos and non-moslems.Enough is enough!

President Jonathan is regarded as clueless and weak in some quarters, this latest violence is not only a fore-test of his resolve and ability to act firmly;it should be seen and understood as a sign that the Hausa/Fulani moslems will do everything to render Nigeria ungovernable during his tenue.The prerogative to act firmly and decisively against political islam or play to the the gallary is his.But he must know that the battle line has been drawn.Igbos and other  progressive Nigerians must resolve to oppose Hausa/fulani political domination henceforth,until  when we definitively decide to go our seperate ways.

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