It is time Nigerian stand up and say enough is enough we cann't take this anymore. It is time Nigerians put better future before fear, for fear is  hope killer, fear is enemy of success, fear is the mother of procastination, fear is the disease the cripples a weak mind, and fear is Mr. coward that settle for little or nothing when it supposed to take the bull by the horn. The callous attitude of Nigerian leaders  call for question for their love for the country and their fellow citizen. If the only latitude of been a Nigeria leader is to loot the country, it is time for Nigerians rise and take their country back, for If Nigerians continue to lay low expecting changes from the wolfs in goats skin, Nigerians will never see the light as they appear and re-appear from fatigue uniform to Agbada dress in corraboration with their connies in civilian clothes. With all the past leaders that have failed Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as people continue to lurk  and perched like vulture, the time for revolt cannot be more urgent as every tickling seconds give the criminals in government time to plan and loot. My fellow Nigerians, we don't need a rocket scientist, Abuja professors, wisdom of the ex generals, democratic Doctors, and 16th century politicians to know that the present and future leaders if left to operate as it is right now has nothing to offer the country but status quo. My fellow Nigerians, you do no tell a sensible child not put his or her hand in a fire, there is no actualization without  eficacy, there is no fulfilment without risk, if the greed for free oil money is ridiant that has  radicalized the few elites to stick to the status quo that benefit them and disfranchised the poor majority masses, the zeal and the will to be free and live a decent life should be the ridiance radicals for poor masses to revolts. Nigeria is a country with abundant wealth, every Nigerians deserves to have the piece of the wealth and principle of fairness should be apply, but where it doesn't,  it should be demanded. As of today, there is no indication under the sun to project that there will be fairness in distributing the wealth of the nation, therefore, if the just cannot render justice to the unjust, the unjust should take justice to the just by any mean neccessary. And even if it means passing a cow through the h*** of a needle is the only way to turn Nigeria aound to give the poor suffering masses a breathing space, so be it, after all, "the child that chooses high Iroko tree to learn how to climb, the family will use him or her to learn how to cry". One thing is sure, the status quo cannot continue, Nigerians need to rise and make it clear and say it loud, WE CANN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

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