There is urgent need expansion of adult education and literacy of Nigeria citizenry aimed at the development of critical consciousness and civic participation, aware of world and actively involved and transforms their communities and society in Nigeria.

The 2011 election is not the about the political parties and candidates but you, what changes in Aso rock and who represents you at Abuja, who do you want there, The answers to those questions can only be answered by individual critical consciousness and civil participation in the forth coming election. Any citizen of Nigeria is qualified to contest for any political position either him or she is ex- president or Head of State, annulled the most fair conducted election and accepted responsibility as a leader for annulment of the election without tell the citizenry the reasons for annulment. The only way to tell any one, citizenry does not want him or she is by our ballot paper, critical consciousness, and civic participation in the forth 2011 election in Nigeria.

We all are gatekeepers in the forth coming election; it is high time we let the globe know that Nigerians are intellect people, not dummy. Ordinarily people live and learn. If we fail as gatekeepers, it means we just live. The citizenry need civic education about politics without shedding blood, destroy others to get to top through assassinations.

Let no one says he has the answers to Nigeria political and economic issues, such is a liar, deceiver and he has nothing to offer the country. This is our chance to say big no to free ride us again as country.

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Comment by Tunde on May 3, 2010 at 8:01pm
YES !!!
Participation in the 2011 election is our chance of electing the people that can serve us well.
Those who have not put interest in voting in the past should now take part in 2011 election.

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