I need to let u know dat you will be remembered for two things in life after u might have transcended to the other world: THE PROBLEM YOU CREATED AND THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVED. Leaders and rulers of this Nation Nigeria at various capacities: local level, state level, federal level watch your deeds, whatsoever a man sow ,he shall surely reap.
God is counting time for u and if you refuse to do what is right, He shall remove you by force like He did to ABACHA. This is indeed food for thought......

***** You are the best of all the craetures that Jesus died for about 2010 years ago. He cares about you, please, do what is right because it will be a foot print after you might have gone away from the land of the living. Remember that eternity and hell is real.
It's me,
Akinlua Akinbiyi Dotun

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