Waste paper recycling to jumbo roll and tissue paper BUSINESSPLAN


This Jumbo roll manufacturing business plan is a detailed business plan that will show you how to start a waste paper recycling into jumbo roll for the production of toilet tissue.

The business plan covers the production process of jumbo roll, the production process of toilet tissue

The Jumbo roll and toilet tissue business opportunities in Nigeria

Jumbo roll manufacturing equipment and machines and list of companies that manufactures this machines

Waste paper to jumbo roll recycling machine and equipment and list of companies that manufactures this machines

Toilet tissue manufacturing equipment and machines and list of companies that manufactures this machines

Where to buy the basic raw material - waste paper for the recycling process

List of potential buyers/ customers for your manufactured jumbo roll and toilet tissue

We carried practicable sales forecast of the manufactured jumbo roll and the toilet tissue. the sales forecast is broken down into months and 3 fiscal year analysis.

Cost analysis is carried out on both the jumbo roll production and toilet tissue.

AND MANY MORE. This business plan has all major imagined questions regarding the starting of a paper recycling company in Nigeria, Starting of Jumbo roll manufacturing company in Nigeria etc.

Below are some assumptions of the business plan ( waste paper recycling to jumbo roll and toilet tissue production:

  • Direct cost of jumbo roll 350,000 Naira per ton
  • One ton of jumbo roll produces 12,000 units of tissue paper per ton
  • 1.3 ton of waste paper produces 1 tone of jumbo roll
  • 1 ton of waste paper sales at 50,000 Naira
  • Jumbo roll produced in a day is 1 ton working 20 days in a month ( 20 ton X 350,000 = 7000,000 )
  • 10 Ton of jumbo roll needed for the 120,000 toilet tissue per month estimate. While 10 ton remaining jumbo roll will be sold out to other toilet tissue producers
  • Actual amount of toilet tissue produced per day 6000 units and working for 5 days ( 120,000 units per month )
    Selling price of toilet tissue each 40 Naira
  • Unit cost of toilet tissue = 25 Naira
  • Total units per month produced 120,000 costing 3,500,000 Naira monthly
  • Toilet tissue packaging - branded waterproof for 7 Naira each, costing total of 840000 Naira
  • Core for 7 Naira each, costing total of 840000 Naira


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Comment by Tom Glasier on June 25, 2019 at 11:36am

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