Wanted Lesbian Suspect, Ezegbu Uju Favour Still At Large

#Lesbian (Caught In The Act) Suspect Ezegbu Uju Favour Still At Large.

As Federal Government Reward Anyone With Useful Information That Can Lead To Her Arrest.

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27th, August, 2020

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The Nigeria Police search to apprehend Ezegbu Uju Favour is still on...

Miss Ezegbu Uju Favour, suspect of lesbianism who hails from Awgbu in Orumba Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria, has been on the run, she was last seen in 2016 after she confessed to the crime of involving with same sex.

The police had since took hold of evidence of offence, a recorded conversation of the suspect where she confessed on how she enjoys the act with same sex instead of the opposite, the said uncle's friend recorded it unknown to her in the process of her conversation, confessing her commitment to lesbianism.

Sources has confirmed that she has since left the country after a warrant of arrest signed by the Lagos State High Court Judge was acted on by Officers of the Lagos State Police Command since May in 2016.

Speaking to the team of police officer attending to the case, uncle to the suspect Chief. Enoch Ezegbu said no one has seen her since she left home in 2016.

As she marked her birthday in August 27th, the Uncle and Officers of the Nigeria Police Force seek for assisting from the general public to apprehend her so as to face the law regarding the offense.

Anyone with useful information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect should please contact the nearest police station.

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It is on note that Gay and lesbianism (Same Sex) is a crime in Nigeria and illegal under federal law since 1901 (as Northern and Western Nigeria Protectorate Restrictions on Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act" criminalises all forms of same sex with DEATH Penalty under the Shari'a law and the CRIMINAL code of the Federal Republic.

Over 4, 000 suspects that was found guilty has been jailed as some stoned to death by angry communities for indulging themselves in the act that is capable of defiling their land.

Miss Ezegbu Uju Favour is WANTED for investigation and if found guilty, will face the penalty for the crime committed so as to send a message to anyone who is still thinking of practising same act of lesbianism in Nigeria.

A reward awaits anyone with useful information that can lead to her arrest.


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