Whenever you are expecting a Miracle, you must believe. Believing even when people around you and the physical evidence are showing otherwise. That is showing or saying negative things. All you just need to do is to Believe.  What you need in that type of situation is called the Violence Faith.

You must activate the Violence Faith in you to scale through the ordeal. Jarius believed Jesus even after his friend and family had said his daughter is dead. He believed and was not afraid he knew the last card he has to use is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He knows that either he should believe in the WORD which is Jesus Christ and his baby lives or he doubt Jesus Christ and the baby die as proclaimed by the noise makers.
Jesus Christ told him to believe, don’t be afraid. That is, activate your Violence Faith now, you need it now Jarius. Jarius was actually left with two opinions; either to believe his family and friends or to believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He actually went for the spiritual “YES” of Jesus Christ which is to give birth to the required desire and immediately Jesus Christ said the child is not dead but she is sleeping. Though the enemies and the world did not believe; they are making jest and mocking because they are of the world and they can only hear the world. But, when you are a believer, you don’t fear their fear neither do you believe what they believe. You only believe what the Word says concerning you. Jarius believed what Jesus Christ says “the damsel is not dead but sleepth – Mark 5:39).
In Faith, always call what is not real into real, what is not being into being. Call the spiritual into the material so it can be physical and the world will begin to chant and shout “we have never saw it on this fashion – Mark 2:12).
I pray for you now, that through your Violence Faith in God, The Almighty God will perform miracles in your life that the world has never seen in any fashion before in Jesus Christ precious name.

When the Violence Faith is activated in you, you begin to do what the world says is impossible to be possible. You begin to perform signs and wonders of God casually without sweat. You will only be seeing, tasting and enjoying the sweetness.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth said to the damsel “TALITHACUMI” which is being interpreted as Damsel, I say unto thee, arise. – Mark 5:41-42).  Casually, Jesus Christ raised the daughter of Jarius. The Damsel arose because she was sleeping not dead. Only the dead won’t arise. The man believed and his Damsel arose and all the mockers were astonished with a great astonishment.
I proclaim this second that whatever the world has called dead and tag dead in your life to arise now and start working for your profiting in Jesus Christ name.  I said to your life “TALITHACUMI” and work for Jesus Christ, work for God, overcome the world, and start sharing testimonies all around in Jesus Christ name.
The world knew Jesus Christ as a carpenter, the son of Mary and Joseph the carpenter before His manifestation. No matter what the world may know you to be before now don’t matter but once you have Faith in God, once you believe His Son – Jesus Christ of Nazareth and once you know the truly the Spirit of God dwells in you, you begin to do and talk heavenly.
For whosoever is born of God overcomes the world. You are now more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ that strengthens you. For whosoever is born of cow is a cow, born of dog is a dog, born of man is a man and born of God is a god.
From the very day you know who you are that you are a god to everything here on earth., your Faith level increase to the highest level which makes you command the things the world think or know as in-commandable of immovable.

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