(Video) American Man Reveals How he Was Paid to Dress as Nigerian and Protest That Buhari Government is Good

News and developments like this are what makes many Nigerians wish that they're not Nigerians, as funny as it might sound, it is clear now that the failed regime of rtd Gen Buhari as succumbed to the level of paying poverty stricken Americans to protest Placard for them. 

The funny part of this whole situation that these blacks (African American) and even some whites where paid tens of thousands of dollars just to wear a white shirt with green inscriptions carrying a placard with out of context inscriptions written on them without having any single idea of what they're protesting about.

When approached by our news agents, some denied our humble request to have them speak on the camera, while the one person that agreed to talk to one of our correspondence said openly that he has no idea why they're protesting, or what 
they're protesting for.


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