Job Description


The Finance Officer is responsible for maintaining financial and accounting functions.


The Finance Officer reports to the Managing Director/CEO and is responsible for preparing

Financial statements, maintaining cash controls, maintaining accounts payable and managing office operations. The Finance Officer must work within the Financial policies and Procedures and in compliance with all Statutory Legislation.


1. Administer and monitor the financial system in order to ensure that the company’s

Finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner

Main Activities

Assist with preparation of the budget
Implement financial policies and procedures
Establish and maintain cash controls
Establish, maintain and reconcile the general ledger
Monitor cash reserves and investments
Prepare and reconcile bank statements
Establish and maintain supplier accounts
Processes supplier invoices
Maintain the purchase order system
Ensure data is entered into the system
Issue cheques for all accounts due
Ensure security for all credit cards and verify charges
Ensure transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized
Accounting system
Prepare income statements
Prepare balance sheets
Prepare monthly financial statements
Prepare quarterly reports and report on variances
Assist with the annual audit
Maintain the computerized accounting system
Maintain financial files and records
2. Maintain the accounts payable and accounts receivable systems in order to ensure

Complete and accurate records of all moneys

Main Activities

Ensure the safeguarding of all Company’s funds
Issue, code and authorize purchase orders
Reconcile the accounts payable
Prepare journal summaries
Reconcile the accounts receivable
Compile source documents
Issue receipts
Reconcile weekly deposits
Reconcile Motor Vehicle and other government services transactions

3. Provide efficient and effective office management


(The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for satisfactory job performance)


The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

computerized accounting programs
accounts payable and accounts receivables
generally accepted accounting principles
Fund accounting
Preparation of financial statements
Preparation of financial reports
Finance services
Administration of employee benefits
Payroll systems and reporting
Office administration
Office administration
An understanding of relevant Company legislation, policies and procedures
An understanding of the cultural and political environment

The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

Supervisory skills
Team building
Accounting and bookkeeping skills
Analytical and problem solving skills
Decision making skills
Effective verbal and listening communications skills
Effective written communications skills
Ability to communicate effectively in English.
Computer skills including the ability to operate computerized
Accounting, spreadsheet and word processing programs at a
Highly proficient level
Stress management skills
Time management skills
Personal Attributes

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Finance

Officer. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

Be honest, trustworthy and respectful
Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
Be flexible and demonstrate sound work ethics
Experience: 1 – 5years

Age: Not more than 30 years

Qualification: Bsc, HND and ACA preferable.

Apply to: [email protected]

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