Become a Community development Manager - FGN & UN Mandate:

Unemployment in Nigeria is at an alarming 70%. All our hopes as young
people to get that stable nice job after graduation is not working out and
our dreams are fast disappearing from us as it has happened to the
millions of people that graduated before us. Traveling abroad is now more
difficult than ever, even Korea is deporting Nigerians and South Africa
and Ghana have had enough of our people. 419 even with its consequences no
longer pay and everyone abroad has learnt all our tricks on the internet
scam. What can we turn to that is a great opportunity yet dependable and
rewarding? Help is here. This is why thousands of young people are going
to Port Harcourt for orientation and registration!!!

“Operation Job Creation” is an umbrella project from New Nation that
includes many sub-programs such as venture capital funding, skill
acquisition training, technology transfer program and so much more. One of
the sub-programs of Operation Job Creation is the New Nation Community
Development Manager (CDM) opportunity made available to Nigerian youth and
projected to put a staggering one million young people to gainful
employment. This singular move will bring a cut to Nigerians unemployment
by 5 huge percentage points. More than the federal, state and local
governments in the country combined have done in over 7 years and over 5
times what any corporation has ever done towards unemployment in the
history of Nigeria.

In line with FGN vision 20; 20 and the UN millennium development goals,
the New Nation community development manager opportunity is an
unprecedented opportunity to act as a community development liaison
between New Nation and the state or local government community of the
applicant business partner.  There are no restrictions to age, gender or
educational qualification although a special preference is given to
university and polytechnic graduates. Training and support is provided and
the CDM does not have to have to carry the goods or worry about providing
the services, dealing with customer complains, delivery issues, refunds,
warranty or any other business procedures other than explaining the offer,
its benefits and registering the subscriber/submitting the information of
the subscriber to the head office for order processing.
     Average monthly income will be N60, 000 upon meeting criteria including
salaries of N100, 000 to N150, 000 in project management plus huge bonuses
on project management in property development running into millions of
naira each year. Other perks include free laptop, Cars on credit, housing
loans and health care coverage all available within one year of active

If selected, you will come to Port Harcourt for orientation and
registration as well as receive relevant materials to begin a most
rewarding career.

Send Your CV to [email protected] or you can call me on 08037960100 for invitation to the orientation. All unemployed persons are heading to PH, don’t be left out!


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