In May of 2004 I signed up with my new network marketing company after being absent from the industry for a number of years. I had been busy running a traditional business for twenty three years with great success, but no free time, lots of stress and not in the best of health. I thought it might be time for a change.

Month's prior to getting started in my new business venture, my mother had made reference to seeing me in some type of business wher I was distributing a product that I personally new nothing about. Be careful when your mother speaks, for she may manifest things in your life when you least expect it.

It just so happened that month's later my mother experienced a health challenge, where her bowels had backed up, a very serious and unfortable situation for anyone to go through, irregardless of one's age. After visiting with her GP, who indicated that she would have to see a specialist in three weeks. Well you can imagine the surprise of receiving instruction of having to wait for such an extended period of time. People have died from bowel obstruction.

A good friend of mine recommended that we use a product produced by his company. He did not offer any guarantees, but felt it might help the situation and we had nothing to loose by using the product. We got a bottle the same day she came back from the doctors and she began to consume the recommended 2 – 3 ounces daily. The result was that within seven days my mother's bowels had cleared up completely and she was ecstatic about the results, who wouldn't be.

The story gets better with each day as my mother now began to share her story with friends and family and anyone else who would listen. She had a real life story and one that she could share, in fact I could share her story, simply because I did not have one of my own.

When you start to share a story, people listen, they know you are not trying to sell them something, they are sincerely interested in learning more about your personal experience. It is no different than telling someone about a good movie or an amazing restaurant. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best forms of advertising, not to mention extremely inexpensive.

The next month turned out to be a busy time of delivering the same product to her friends and family members who wanted to experience the many benefits that this product offered. There were many referrals that appeared as a result of hearing her story. The exciting point I want you to know is that in this peticular situation, my mother was not looking at developing a business and was wanting to share her experience with others. At the end of her second month of USING THE PRODUCT AND TELLING HER STORY, she received a cheque for a thousand dollars and she was not focused on building a business. Imagine, by using this simple approach, you have the ability to not only create an income, but a lifestyle and this is one of the reason's the network marketing industry will continue to grow and thrive in these economic times.

It doesn't matter what company you are with or considering to join, what matter's is that you are getting results and surround yourself with the right people. We are in a global economy weith many emerging markets desperately seeking opportunities that will provide their families with the lifestyle they desire.

Today, my mother continues to consume the product that made a significant difference in her life and I continue to be apart of that company that my mother had visualized me becoming apart of, now for seven years.

I do hope this story will provide you with the incentive to go for it and make a difference in your life.

All the best,

Patrick S. Tulloch – BTBF

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