Use Sectional Couch Covers to Give it a Fresh Look

While buying sofa covers or sectional couch covers, you may be planning to dress up your furniture. It is a good idea to put a cover on your old furniture to give it a refreshingly new look. As with your dress-up human body, you should also carefully consider what would be the best fit for your furniture. You need to consider the material used, size, perfect fit, and the design aspects of the slipcover to do it perfectly.


Considering sectional couch covers as a cosmetic change


Slipcovers can change the entire look and feel of your sectional couch and also will help to hide the unsightly stains and tears on it. However, even with the slipcover on, the feel of the underlying structure may not change which can be a bother at times. Installing a cover will only be a cosmetic change. If your sectional couch is old, rugged-looking, lumpy, sagging, or if the springs are damaged, putting a slipcover may not help to cover it up. In this case, you need first to repair your couch set and then add on a good slipcover.


Plan for a perfect look


Slipcovers now come in a variety of styles ranging from loose-fitting to tailored fitting. You have to first decide on a look that best fits your room decor. You may choose a relaxed or loose fit for a causal effect. You may search for a tailored fit for your couch for a formal look. It is a personal choice to go with your room's overall look and style and the surroundings.


Choosing the fabric weight


All fabrics may not be suitable for making sectional couch covers. As a rule of thumb, it is ideal to avoid any heavy upholstery fabric like velvet or chenille as the slipcover material for your sofa or armed chair. Slipcover fabric must be of medium weight to easily fit onto your sectional couch. You can consider cotton, linen, Lycra, spandex, and other such materials for indoor use.


Choose proper color


While we consider buying slipcovers for a sectional couch, you must use a tightly woven fabric. Try to select a pattern or color which will not let the fabric underneath show through the external cover. There is plenty of variety available in colors and patterns of sectional couch covers, which you can choose based on your room decor and other references.


Consider the shape of your couch


As you can assume, all sectional couches are not of the same size and shape. To get a custom-made slipcover for your couch, take proper measurements of the length, width, height, and also consider the armrest while taking the measurements. With all these measures handy, you will be able to look for a perfect fitting cover that fits well with your couch set.


Along with the above, you may also consider the pricing of various products to compare the features and identify which one best matches your sectional couch.


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