Unknown Facts to Know about Online Slots

With the invention of the internet began the growth of scope for online casinos. Today Online Slots, as well as mobile slots being one of the most sought-after games, have given the fact that they are the easiest to play and do not require the players to learn the rules before playing. Online slots are the most enjoyed and relaxing games by nature. In this post, Mr Mobi online and mobile casino has listed our few interesting facts on favourite online and mobile slot games 

Few unknown interesting facts on online slots

Largest revenue generator for the casinos: The slot games have come a long way from being just a by-the-way game to the most played games. In the early days, the other games were the revenue generators for the casinos. In fact, the slots were played only for fun to keep people company as they waited for their friends/ family members. Today Slots contribute about 70% to 80% revenues for the casinos.

Kinds of jackpots: There are two kinds of jackpots- progressive and flat top jackpots. The progressive jackpot is when the percentage of the bet continues to grow till a player can win it. Flat top jackpots have a fixed maximum limit it can payout.

Strategies don’t work: The two ‘strategies’ usually advised to the beginner level players do not work. It must be noted that no method or plan to predict the machine outcome would work on the slots. It is completely based on your chances. Those two methods are-

a) Zig-Zag System

Here the pattern of the symbols will be looked for on the slot machines. If in case there is a zig-zag pattern, it is believed that the player’s prospects of winning are almost certain. But one mustn’t forget about the Random Number Generator which guarantees that the slots stay random at any cost.

b) The Gambler’s Fallacy

According to this theory, any machine on which players had been winning regularly will not facilitate wins any longer in the next round and vice-versa which states that a machine which had never given wins in a round will do so in the next round. Once again it is in contrary to the purpose of having the Random Number Generator. There is no dependency between events at all.

Slot machines and Skinner Boxes: Here the players’ behaviour with slot machines were likened to B. Skinner’s operant conditioning theory where he experimented the motivational behaviour of animals in two situations- In case 1 he consistently rewarded the animals and in case 2- he periodically rewarded the animals. At the end of the experiment, he found that animals preferred periodical rewarding over consistent rewarding. In the case of the players also, it was observed that people pay slots only because of the random rewards. It was concluded that if there were bonuses being paid in every round, the game probably wouldn’t have been as popular as it is now.

Those were a few interesting facts on Online Slots. Online and Mobile Casino, Mr Mobi catering to a wider audience through online and mobile slot games.

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