'Unity, fear of God will fix insecurity, others'

The Senior Pastor Crown of Christ Victory Church Lagos State, Prophet David Ayilara, has advised Nigerians to live in unity, peace and embrace the fear of God to tackle insecurity and other challenges in the nation.

He assured that crimes such as kidnapping, armed banditry and others will disappear the moment Nigerians unite and fear God.

Speaking during a visit to headquarters of Vintage Press Limited, publishers of The Nation in Lagos last week, Ayilara said: “If we want to make Nigeria better, Psalms 133 explains how the anointing flowed from Aaron’s head downwards.

“This means that if this country will be okay, it has to start from the top; from our president to the least person in Nigeria.

“The President and the Presidency must make sure that they allow the fear of God in their heart. They should seek God’s wisdom and make themselves one. If they are one, I believe that the country will change for better.”

He cautioned against greed, stating it leads to corruption and serious in-fighting.


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