Come to think of it, they are just four (4), and that chick thinks I would want her and none else? She is just joking, because I know what my guys are handling – no! But check out that lady, can anyone see her and pretend not to? When I am not afraid to talk to her, she is hot! Moreover, I am too.


I will give it a shot. Now you are giving to the thought of another lady without considering the others, – why am I doing all this? What has that lady got that my woman has not? Why am I failing to keep to my own end of the bargain? -- The other time she asked me, do you really love me? I couldn’t look straight into her eyes, but held her by the hand and said yes I do love you, knowing fully well that, I am a liar, a cheat, an unfaithful and a backstabber.


However, I still said it, and with all sincerity and joy leaping from the depth of her pure heart, she thought I was honest, hmmm! I really must admit, this is wrong of me; I must stop and tell all my friends that we are wrong. Why must I keep doing this? why must I continue to be unfaithful, betraying the trust she had in me, I am or would you rather say you are SORRY to her. I TRULY must be FAITHFUL and HONEST to my woman.

<and yours too>

So help us God.       

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