Understanding the Spirit and Importance of Christmas

Christmas as a period when we Christians commemorate the coming of Jesus Christ is meant to be a very important Spiritual exercise. The 25th of December is set aside to celebrate His birth.These days, the social celebrations overshadow the actual significance. If I call a child today and ask what he or she understands about christmas, I am 80% certain that the response I will get would not be far from: "Christmas is the time when we visit our loved ones, visit the parks, eat and have fun". All these are okay, but they are all secondary. If these kids grow up like this, the primary value of Christmas would not be appreciated by them.

While growing up I was taught all I needed to know about myy faith both from my parents and from my catechism teachers. We all should concentrate on the sacrifices of Christmas. Mary wasn't ready for a pregnancy, but she did what God wanted her to. Come to think of it - What if she refused? What if she did an abortion when the pressure became so much? We all know the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. From the birth of Jesus to His sacrifice on the cross, a lot of sacrifices were made by people like you and I. What else can be more important than these?

The importance of Christmas cannot be overemphasized. For more information on Christmas, visit www.christmas-day.org. With Christmas day being less than 48 hours from now, I encourage every one to appreciate the blessings of Christmas and use this period to help yourself and your neighbours attain the Graces of the season. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may all your days be blessed from today onwards.

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Comment by Preye Jep'hthah on December 26, 2009 at 8:45am
when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Just yesterday i saw a post on facebook by a young lady who said that this xmas is going to be her worst ever. Imagine that! People seem to forget that christmas isn't their birthday but the Lord's.

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