Lee mentioned, “It was a process really. Working with Ron Howard and the director of photography. It was a process of fine tuning the sets, architecture, fabrics, curtains, carpets; and certain colors worked very well. It was a very longgown dress creative process.”

“It’s vital with colors, dress, Production Design, fabric, and hair line. Jonathan and I previously worked together christmas costume before,” said Hammond.

Lamont added “We would talk to one another about the look of the characters, especially the hair. The costume designer and I were thinking as one, as makeup and costume played a big role together. Major collaboration with hair and corset skirts sets costume. Didn’t really have to change much regarding makeup, because the cinematographer and I were on the same page.”

“Worked really closely with the cinematographer and production designer. I looked at locations from the production designer. I knew what locations would look like and what colors would match so the costumes would balance out. Knew what Mathias was underbust corset doing regarding cinematography, so there were no surprises. We would exchange information, we got along well. We were all in harmony and it was for the best of the show,” Mishra finished.

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