Type 2 Diabetes - Does Smoking Affect Diabetes?

We all know smoking isn't good for our health and that it actually affects the severity of other conditions.Blood Balance Formula Review In addition, it often creates new complications as a result. But how does it affect someone with diabetes, be it Type 1 or Type 2?

From a blood sugar standpoint: Smoking causes blood sugar levels to shoot up, elevating them unnecessarily without the assistance of food. Smoking has undeniably been tied to diabetes because of its propensity to lead to insulin resistance or an inadequate response to insulin secretion. That means that smokers have double the risk of acquiring Type 2 diabetes as a result of lighting up.

From the standpoint of other major diseases: Smokers are much more at risk of developing such nasty diseases as heart disease and stroke. Cholesterol levels are higher for smoking Type 2 diabetics than non-smoking diabetics. Coincidentally, diabetics are also at a much higher risk of the same ailments. Combined, smoking Type 2 diabetics increase their chances of developing each of these diseases threefold.

From the standpoint of other organs: Smoking greatly increases the probability of kidney disease, especially in Type 1 diabetics. Since kidney disease is one of the most common side effects of diabetes, your likelihood of having problems just skyrocketed. Lets not forget the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is much higher for smokers than non-smokers, while it will already be weakened and performing at less than optimal levels from Type 2 diabetes.

From the standpoint of blood vessels: We are all familiar with the effect diabetes has on these two areas. For blood vessels, diabetes causes atherosclerosis, or hardening, which leads to poor circulation, and eventually, death of the tissue. Smoking destroys the thin layer of cells in blood vessels that are essential for proper blood flow. Plus, it amplifies blood pressure which tries to cram more blood into an even tighter space. Mix the three complications together and its certainly not a win-win situation.


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