Twisted Truth

How can lies becomes truth,
And the deed ends before it starts.
The twist of events to change history 
Or web of lies woven to alter future.
Whatever the case, it ain't right.
As your words apparently weighs more
And the fact, a glimpse into reality.

How can the right thing be wrong
And whip cracked to say thanks.
The downfall though envisaged
Yet it's build up to materialised.
All in the height of wickedness 
Where evil suppresses the just.
And justice, a long endless journey. 

Your limbs quavers as you say it
Your feet on heat aftermath
The telltale signs for all to see
Only we see just what we want
And the truth, your interpretation
No concerns whose horse is garrotted 
As long as the truth stays a lie.

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Comment by Ogundipe, S.O. on August 3, 2011 at 2:24pm
Perfect food for thought. Indeed. You're welcome around.

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