When rising in the morning take time to pray; that’s the wisest thing to do before you begin the day. Ask God for His blessings for what the day may bring; be confident that He will guard and keep you in the midst of everything. God put us here on earth, To love, to live, and to learn, To obey His Golden Rules And for Him we should be firm.

He wants us to be an example Of all that He stands for, To love , to have Faith and Trust and more.

We are in a way His disciples For the years we live on earth,

He wants us to spread His word with compassion and much mirth.

God put us here on earth, He has a reason for us being here,

Our lives have a definite purpose, Trust God and never fear. Seek the Lord and you won't be denied

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Comment by OYETIMEIN ADEWALE.A on October 27, 2011 at 11:49am
well, seen it, read it and will heed to it, but be sure to keep to your own end of the bargain. GOD help us all, and bless real good.  plz check this out and have ur say:http://www.oyetimein.blogspot.com u can tell us how to improve, and serve u better.

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