Trending economic issues that can guide your choice of economics final year project topics

Questions have been raised over the topical issues that are currently relevant for research in the economics related courses particularly at the undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. levels. These questions are really necessary and vital as far as research is concerned. The truth about research, especially as it affects economics final year project topics is that it has this feature of datedness.

If you think following trends in the course of a research is not necessary, then you must think twice and decide where you really want to belong. As minutes turn to hours and hours to days and days to months and months to years, trends continue to evolve including research trends. In order to keep up with these trends, you just follow and align your thoughts, reasoning and research with the changes.

As a matter of fact, the Economic Policy Institute have confirmed the following as table, practical and current issues that economics final year project students need to consider while making choices for their project topics.

Issues related to Wages, Income and Wealth

As a researcher in the economics field of study, you need to consider such issues as payment policies, entrepreneurship, freelancing, conditions of services and more.

Take time and reason out which area the economy is embracing the more. For instance, freelancing and remote working obviously are taking over the global economy and you can’t help but key into it and make something out of it for your academic papers.

Consider Unions and Labour standards

Every now and then, we hear of industrial actions, strike and more. This should motivate you as a researcher to understand the standards these people have kept or intend to keep for their industry.

You should try to understand what parts of the standards are bridged continuously and the significance of such inactions.

Issues related to Retirement

This area is certainly not as boring as it sounds. Let me chip in an idea; you can do a paper about investment plans, pensions, live at retirement and more.

Trade and Globalization

The global economic trade is an area that virtually anyone can testify about. Besides, the evolutions and the forms of trade in the global market are worth more than a thousand economics project research topics.

It ranges from the money market, foreign exchange trade (forex trade), cryptocurrency etc. You should also consider the means of establishing these trades even when the business parties are separate geographically.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage saga has raised a number of controversies in Nigeria towards the end of 2018 and I can’t say exactly why. As a sensitive economics final year research student, your  interest should be drawn to such matter.

As an economics student, you have heard about inflation and deflation. Many countries have suffered inflation ie. Cross loss of value in currency. This means that when too much money is in circulation, The country may suffer loss of value in currency. Could that be what the government is trying to prevent? Well, I just gave you project topic idea.

Issues of Immigration  

When citizens of a country tend to appreciate other countries more than theirs, then there is something they see out there that they can’t find in here. As a researcher, enquire into reasons for immigration, dominant countries immigrants are often headed, the economic effects of immigration and more.

Budget, taxes and public investments

This is deep but I guess you understand more as an economic student. There is more to annual, quarterly and monthly budgeting. At the national economic level for instance, some national budgets are weigh beyond expected, some less. On the other hand, less financial priorities are set on matters of great importance.

If you read through very carefully, you would have grabbed a couple or more economics project topic ideas. The above mentioned are current economic trends that researchers need to look into.

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