The New Year packs another round of adventure, with numerous destinations around the globe gearing up for exciting events in 2018.

Quite a number of cities would have tourists trooping in to share in a host of cultural attractions—with some locations hosting major sporting events and celebrating significant festivals.

Here are some top destinations for tourists in 2018:


The 2018 FIFA World Cup would be hosted in Russia in eleven major cities—including Sochi and Moscow. Starting on June 14 -July 15, it's arguably the biggest sporting event on the planet and it's likely to attract numerous visitors.

The duration of the event also coincides with St. Petersburg's “white nights”—a summer solstice season where the skies are never always completely dark. This should make an interesting experience for visitors, and less prominent cities like Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg would also be an amazing way to begin a Siberia adventure.


The most populated continent in the world contains numerous locations that are worth visiting in 2018. According to StudentUniverse, a youth-oriented travel company, bookings from the U.S. for 18-to-25-year-old U.S. passport holders to Asia has increased by more than 700 percent since 2014.

Locations such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Cambodia are perfect destinations for quite a number of well-traveled millennials hoping to have an adventurous spring break or go on a backpacking trip.

While U.S. visitors to Japan have risen by 10 percent from January to October 2017, the country is bound to receive more inflow of tourism ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Summer Olympics, according to Chris Zeiher of Lonely Planet. Places such as Sapporo and the Kii Peninsula are also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site due to its sacred mountains and pilgrimage routes.

“Many are surprised to learn that Japan offers some amazing beach holiday options,” said David Fordyce, product director of House of Travel.

Also, the Winter Olympic Games would be held in the snowy mountains of Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9-25.

San Antonio, USA

The “Summer of Spain” would mark a commemoration week for San Antonio in May. The event would feature a host of cultural display such as Spanish art and culture, food, Day of the Dead events and a Witte Museum exhibition—which would display the city's marginal history under the flags of numerous countries, and keys to the Alamo and Davy Crockett's fiddle.

The display of culture is bound to attract a number of tourists to this destination in 2018. Getting a proper car rental that grants 24/7 customer service, affordable prices and experienced drivers would be necessary, so you can check this site for amazing deals.


The island is still an attractive tourist center in 2018 irrespective of the recent murder of an investigative journalist by a car bomb.

Valletta, the nation's capital, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and Europe's 2018 capitals of culture. The city has a 7,000-year history—with temples older than the Egyptian pyramids, and includes numerous attractions such as ancient stone architecture, active nightlife, and trendy festivals including a romping carnival in February. There's also a history site about the World War II which includes scuba diving to war inflicted wreckages.

Minneapolis, USA

The Super Bowl is one event that's bound to steal the entire North American spotlight, and with Minneapolis playing host on February 4, lots of visitors would be trooping into the city.

The city has made preparations for its visitors, imploring them to partake in the 10 days “Bold North” events and activities paving way for the big game.


The world of pop culture has suddenly found a haven in England as fans of popular Netflix series, The Crown, can visit the Sandringham House from April to November—in what has become one of Queen Elizabeth's favourite spots.

Also, the widely anticipated wedding of Prince Harry to American sweetheart and actress, Meghan Markle in May, would create an avenue for visitors to tour the Windsor Castle, their wedding location. The Churchhill War Rooms museum in London which was featured in “The Darkest Hour”, starring Gary Oldman would also be open to lovers of the movie.

It's also worthy of note that the Lake District was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mexico City, Mexico

The World Design Organisation named Mexico City the sixth World Design Capital, making it the first American city to claim the title. It was chosen due to its sustainable innovative design-inspired initiatives such as urban gardens, bike-sharing, parks, and playground.


The southern African country is one of the best locations in Africa, yet so underrated. Tourists would definitely have a memorable adventure with the Etosha National Park housing wildlife such as elephants, black rhinos, and big cats. There's also the Namib Desert to explore or the Cape Cross Seal Reserve.

“There's a reason producers of Mad Max Fury Road chose this under-the-radar country to provide the backdrop for their post-apocalyptic film,” said Zeiher.

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