Top Things Buyers of Used Cars Should Do to Avoid Disappointment

Buying a car can be a complicated affair and more so when it is a used car. Unless buyers know exactly what to expect and how they can avoid the various pitfalls, it can be very easy for them to land up with a car that is just not up to the expected standards. Some practical tips:

Always Take Someone Along With You

When visiting a used car dealer, you should try to take someone along with you, preferably somebody with some experience of evaluating cars. The reason why you should not go alone is that car dealers will try to pressure you into buying something that is too expensive. Also, they will hesitate to make false promises in front of a witness. In any case, you should never bank on any verbal commitments; always insist on a detailed estimate that leaves no scope for assumptions or interpretations.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Rather than going to a dealer and inquiring about what makes and models are available, you should first conduct your research online regarding used cars for sale in NY that fits your budget. Make a shortlist that will suit both your purpose and pocket and then ask the dealer whether he has those models. If you are undecided when you go to a dealer, he will create pressure on you to buy something that suits him not you. When you are aware of the typical prices of the models you are interested in, the possibility of your being overcharged is substantially less.

Check for Defective Models

There are many models that are manufactured only to be recalled due to some defects. You do not want to end up buying a car that was on a recall list but never had the problem corrected. Check the records of NHTSA online to see if any of the models that you are interested in have faced a recall and if so, for what reason. It is better to avoid cars that have been recalled for serious engineering or safety concerns. If indeed you really like a model, you should check whether it had the defect corrected by the authorized dealer.

Check Out the Car Thoroughly

Before you start negotiating prices or financing, you should take an exhaustive test drive. Make sure that you cover the normal terrain that you travel every day so that you know exactly how the car behaves. Also, get it on the highway and see how it feels at a high speed. You should especially be alert to how the car’s handling, engine performance, driving comfort, brakes, lighting, and air-conditioning perform. Have the car thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic for body and suspension damage, condition of the engine, oil leaks, tires, battery, etc.; otherwise, you could face a heavy repair bill soon.


No used car purchase should be concluded without a proper check of the registration and insurance documents. You don’t want to buy something that the seller has no legal title to or a car that has met with a serious accident.

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