Top 10 most successful football clubs in the world 2019

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As Europe hosts some of the biggest football clubs in the world, VANGUARD take a look at the most successful football clubs with regards to the amount of trophies won both domestically, in Europe and other club championships. Can you guess which football team that has won the most trophies and are one of the most successful football clubs in Europe?

Some of these are not the best by any means, but they are the 10 most successful Football clubs in Europe:

10. Juventus – 62 Trophies

9. Manchester United – 68 Trophies

8. Bayern Munich – 69 Trophies

7. Porto – 74 Trophies

6. Benfica – 81 Trophies

5. Real Madrid – 90 Trophies

4. Barcelona- 91 Trophies

3. Celtic – 105 Trophies

2. Al Ahly SC - 118 trophies

1. Rangers – 119 Trophies

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