Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Go For a Black Wedding Band

Nowadays, black wedding bands have become a trend among many men. Black wedding bands due to their unique look and feel attract a lot of men. Most men still prefer the wedding bands with traditional style that are made of either gold or platinum but it will be unique if you wear a black wedding band.

If you are wondering whether you should go for a black wedding band or not then you do not have to worry. After reading this article, you will be able to take your decision wisely as in this article; we will discuss the top 5 reasons for buying a black wedding band. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and just continue your reading.

Scratch Resistant

The best thing about black wedding rings made of tungsten is that they are resistant to scratches. Whereas traditional metals like gold or platinum easily get scratched. But, if you are having a black tungsten wedding ring it will remain scratch-less and will retain its shine and stay polished even if you try to file it down.  According to Expand Us Ceramics, tungsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal known to men. So, black tungsten carbide wedding bands are perfect for those men who work with hands a lot.


Besides being scratch-resistant, black wedding bands are also very durable. They always retain their shape. No matter how hard you bang a hard surface, you will only end up hurting your fingers but your ring will retain its circular shape.

Moreover, black wedding bands are also corrosion and tarnish resistant. Unlike some bands made of white gold and silver, black bands do not require periodic rhodium plating for retaining their luster and durability.

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You will keep the wedding band on your finger for decades and if you are allergic to metals or may develop any allergies in near future then it will be a problem. So, if you go for a black wedding band then you will have no worries about allergies. If you have allergic reactions to gold jewelry, then you can put on a black tungsten wedding band without any worries.


Unlike other traditional wedding band metals like gold and platinum, black wedding bands are a much more affordable option. Their affordability is the main reason that people nowadays are attracted to them. They cost less than gold and platinum wedding bands but are costlier than titanium and stainless steel bands. So, we can say that black wedding bands are a mid-range option.


Traditional wedding band metals like gold and platinum dominated the wedding band markets for many years and they still do. But in the last few years, black wedding bands have started gaining popularity. 

Compared to the traditional wedding bands, the dark and edgy look of the black bands, make them highly attractive. Black wedding bands are very unique compared to the traditional bands that most people wear. If you think you are a modern and unique individual then black wedding bands are the perfect tool to drift from tradition.


These are the 5 reasons why you should go for a black wedding band. Black wedding bands are becoming very popular among men. However, while buying a black wedding band, always take care of the size as black wedding bands are difficult to resize. If in the future you require a new ring size then you will have to completely buy a new one.


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