In the wake of December 2019, the world was struck with a deadly disease threatening its human existence. This annihilator called Corona Virus drew the first blood by claiming the life of its first victim in Wuhan, China. Gradually, the virus spread across the globe saw its status moved from a Public Health Emergency to a full blown Pandemic. Many have lost their lives, many are still dying, and the numbers of recovered cases are nothing compared to the rate of infected persons. In the struggle for survival against this virus, the world has witnessed the spread of so many Conspiracy theories. Some dumb, some thoughtful, and others dangerous enough to cause more harm than the virus itself. Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts as I take you on a ride to the World of falsehoods, partial truths, rumours and absurdities.


  1. Corona Virus is Chinese Virus

  Ever since the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic, many people are of the belief that this virus was a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. No doubt, inference drawn for this conclusion could be traced to the fact that the lab handles the most dangerous pathogens for which they are few available vaccines, and one of the areas the Wuhan institute experimented on is corona virus from bats. Advocates of this theory believe that the Chinese might have created the virus intentionally as a Bio-Weapon, a natural phenomenon, or a case of an accidental discharge into the populace of Wuhan. Thereby, spreading and infecting the World at large. One of the proponents of this theory is Donald Trump, whose description of Corona Virus as “Chinese Virus” in a news conference generated racist debate on the true origin of COVID19. Whether Corona Virus happened naturally or Manmade, what is unarguable is that China has had its own share of the virus spread with a death rate pegged at 4,634 as of 18th of May, 2020. Another group of people under this section are the ones who heap the blame on the food choice of the Chinese. The consumption of rats and bats is something most World cultures and religions frown against as they tagged animals like these unclean. But to some Chinese, as portrayed by numerous YouTube videos, they are top notch delicacies most especially when eaten live and uncooked!


  1. 5G Network Causes & Spreads the Virus

This theory originated from the United Kingdom where messages were spread on various Social media platforms detailing how there’s an underground plan to harm people with the 5G network. 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband and offers faster internet speed than 4G and 3G. According to proponents of this theory, 5G is more powerful than 4G and 3G, omits stronger radio waves, and therefore is harmful to humans and animals. This theory has led to several burning and vandalization of network masts in the United Kingdom by Arsonists since the spread started. At the mention of 5G in Nigeria, one name is sure to pop in every Nigerians mind. The name is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Ministries. He has been at the forefront in the spread of the theory on how 5G internet speeds weakens the immune system, thereby putting humans at the mercy of Corona Virus. However, there is no evidence that 5G or any other kind of radio waves are harmful to people. Using your phones relies on radio waves, which are on the low end of electromagnetic spectrum and as such produces non ionizing radiation. This mean they do not damage the DNA in cell tissue, and don’t cause cancer. So with everything explained on the 5G conspiracy theory, could we say its proponents are mere enemies of improved technology? Or otherwise?


  1. Corona Virus is a Hoax (E No Dey Nigeria!)

 Denial is a critical part of the human coping mechanism. The human mind is wired to block out fears, we jettison them very quickly, and refocusing on alternate explanations we can handle to critical issues. You are welcome to the “I don’t believe Gang!” This is a class of people with the conviction that Corona Virus doesn’t exist. They believe it’s a ploy by the World Governments, Private individuals, pharmaceuticals and other multination companies to instill panic in the people, thereby leading to dubious economic gains in the form of relief funds, vaccines purchase, and other commodities panic shopping. They are prideful as they believe themselves to be immune to what many termed a health risk. Even though many have termed this group as people infected with self denial and absurd belief, they have vehemently stood their ground in defending their claims. Popular singer/rapper Naira Marley in March 2020 aired his view on the existence of Corona virus, in his words, “If I don’t believe it, I’m using my common sense, you don’t believe in everything they show you. You have to use your brain”. Real or not real, what is obvious that this virus is so contagious and people are dying from it daily, or probably, did they faked the death also?


  1. Corona Virus is a Disease for the Rich

Go to the ghettos of Lagos; the legendary Ajegunle, Agege, Mushin, Ebutte metta, and other areas inhabited by the struggling class citizens and you’ll be awestruck by how every preventive measure against the virus are shoved in the trash. Don’t be surprised, if you get a shocking witty response after trying to caution someone for not abiding by the stay safe rules. Responses like “Corona virus no dey catch poor man”, “E no dey Ghetto” and “Na Rich man sickness” are easily uttered with smiles and no regard for the afflicted ones. No doubt, COVID19 arrived in Nigeria with a preference for the rich. Due to their history of frequent travels to international Countries afflicted with the Virus. A Poor Man that can’t afford three square meals can’t afford the exorbitant tickets of international travels. So he sees himself as immune to Corona virus; the disease for the elites of the society. But this has been confirmed to be mere figments of denials, as the virus doesn’t respect social or economic class. If you don’t abide by the stay safe rules, the possibility is high that you’ll have a taste of the Brother Covikk’s venom. No partiality, just a simple order of nature.


  1. Corona Virus is an End Time Plague

Call them religious fanatics or whatever, they don’t care, what they is know is that the world is coming to an end sooner than later, and Corona virus pandemic is one of the signs as predicted in the holy books, specifically, the Christian Bible. It is said in the Book of revelation that the end of the World or second coming of Jesus will be preceded by widespread pestilence and plague. Corona Virus, in its own way of triggering fears of the Christian Apocalypse has infected more than 4.8 Million people globally as of may 19th, 2020. Since the virus first emerged in China’s Wuhan City last year, more than 318,596 people have died. With the current rate of COVID19 spread, even the most intrepid will fear for his life. Could this be the pestilence Jesus was talking about in Luke 21:11? Since Jesus mentioned Pestilences, does this means that the Corona virus has been predicted already as the sign of the World ending anytime soon? Is Jesus coming back tomorrow? Or never? However, it should be noted that throughout history many plagues and diseases have caused the same fear of the end time. The Black Death, Ebola, SARS, MERS etc all came with their own fury, but still, humanity overcame them all. Hopefully, Corona virus will be defeated like the others before it. But until then, repent and give your Life to Jesus. You don’t know when the Angel is going to blow that legendary trumpet!

Stay Safe!


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