Besides being famous for its coconut groves, picturesque landscapes and delicious foods, Kerala has tons of fun activities and tourist sites for travelers to explore. If you want to make an affordable trip to Kerala you can opt for the many cheap Kerala tour packages from Delhi. Alternatively, there are several affordable best Kerala family holiday packages from Mumbai too.

Besides these amazing packages, we have put together a list of places for you that you must visit during your stay in Kerala. Here’s everything you need to know:


Kerala Backwaters

Let’s be honest, any traveller’s trip to Kerala would be absolutely incomplete without a stop and visit to the Kerala Backwaters. Take a ride on a beautiful and charming houseboat and spot wildlife and nature, surreal landscapes, quaint villages and lots more. People travelling to Kerala for their honeymoon must definitely visit the backwaters for a romantic getaway.


Ayurvedic Spas And Treatments

Kerala is globally famous for its Ayurvedic centers and spas. From deep tissue massage to Ayurvedic treatments for illnesses, Kerala has it all. Make sure you visit one of the many Ayurvedic spas or treatment centers to de-stress and battle any ailments that you suffer from in the most natural way possible best honeymoon packages India at lowest rates.


Witness A Live Kathakali Performance

For travelers who enjoy arts and culture, witnessing a live Kathakali performance can be a real treat. Kathakali is the local dance of Kerala. The dancers are dressed in the heaviest  of traditional clothing and jeweler. This dance is a subtle one that emphasizes on eye movements and through the art of dance the dancers are able communicate mythological stories to the onlookers.


Get The Chance To Watch A Local And Ancient Form Of Martial Arts

People who thoroughly enjoy martial arts will be absolutely delighted to watch a live performance of Kalarippayattu. Kalarippayattu is an ancient form of martial arts that has been practiced in Kerala for centuries. This form of martial arts includes kicks, strikes, defensive dance moves and more.


Snake Boat Races

Snake boats in Kerala are around 100 feet long. On an average, each snake boat holds about 100 rowers. The snake boat races are held every few months in Kerala. Each village has its own boat and the every respective village boat competes against the other boats in this race. Winning this race is considered a thing of great honor.


Visit The Tea Plantations In Kerala

Kerala has the most breathtaking and gorgeous tea plantations. It is from these very plantations that tea is transported all over the country and the world. Waianae and Munnar in particular are famous for their tea plantations. These locations also have some excellent hiking and trekking opportunities for adventurers.


Get A Little Drunk With Toddy

Feel like enjoying an inebriating drink? Toddy is Kerala’s famous and local alcoholic drink. This drink is extracted by tappers from the sap of palm trees and is left for fermentation. Typically drunk by men locally, you can find yourself some toddy at many local stores that sell this local intoxicating delicacy.


Visit Local Villages Along The Backwaters  

People who enjoy learning about different cultures have to visit the local villages that are situated around the backwaters of Kerala. You can interact with the locals of the village and learn about their lifestyle, you can take a ride on a bullock cart, learn traditional and local recipes and more.


Visit Bird Sanctuaries

Kerala has some beautiful bird sanctuaries with exotic birds like the grey headed bulbul, Malabar grey hornbill, Nigiri wood pigeon and many others. Bird lovers will absolutely fall in love with the gorgeous bird varieties and the breathtaking nature views in these sanctuaries.


Visit Local Markets

Make sure you visit the local markets of Kerala to get a taste of the authentic local culture. You can by fresh fruits, spices, meat, fish, local arts and crafts products and more.


Planning a trip to Kerala and indulging in all the fun local activities can be an absolute treat for people of all ages. These honeymoon packages in Kerala are fun and entertaining. Plan a trip with your spouse, your family or even a group of friends to Kerala. We guarantee that you will fall in love with Kerala. After all, it isn’t without reason that Kerala is called, ”God’s own country”.

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