Tooth Restorations Are Not Rocket Science

My mouth is revolting.


I don’t mean it in the “ladies find my mouth revolting” sense; I mean to say that my mouth has conspired to revolt against my body. At times, it seems like my teeth all want to leave and my gums just want to plain disappear!


Things have been in a sorry state and not for my lack of trying to keep my oral care tip-top. Despite regular brushing and flossing (even though flossing probably doesn’t do anything) I have made emergency visits to my dentist several times in the past decade. Just bad genetics, I guess.


Usually my visits to the dentist are prompted by significant pain in the nerves associated to my teeth and gums. I’ve also lost some teeth, so I needed some work to fill in the gaps. So sad. I don’t even get money for the teeth anymore (the statute of limitations has run out on tooth fairy services).  


Anyway, any work done on teeth is referred to usually as “tooth restorations”. And, when you need tooth restorations, it’s an actual good idea to shop around.


Let me explain.

Holistic dentists

One important factor to consider, when getting work done on your mouth, is what kind of dentist you visit. Yes! There are different kinds of dentists.


Holistic is the word pasted in front of something that provides service beyond the general definition of that thing. So, to put it simply, a holistic dentist is a regular dentist who does more stuff. The more, in the case of dentists, is related to the health of your whole mind and body (not just your mouth).


So, if I get restorations done at a holistic dentist’s office, she’ll be able to provide a treatment that speeds my healing afterward. In my case, that was something called “platelet rich plasma”, or PRP for short. It’s an interesting process that uses my own blood to make a kind of serum that, once injected, sped up the natural healing process of my body. Seriously sci-fi stuff.


Before dental surgery, my holistic dentist will recommend diet and exercise to help me prep for the experience mentally and physically. No kidding, my dentist recommended some really effective mindfulness meditation resources that I still use today to help with my stress.


Anyway, the person who does the work is important, and it pays to see a few different people. Check out their websites and generally research a bit before you commit to any one provider to get dental work done.

The bottom line

Things can get weird, financially speaking, even if you have a dental plan. Extras can cost money, some medicine may not be covered...etc. (weird). I can’t pretend to know everything. I’m not a financial wizard, so take my advice with a grain of salt.


I say cost is not everything.


If a price tag for something is slightly more than an inferior something somewhere else, the instinct is to go with the slightly inferior thing. Especially in the economy of the before times (which is a can of worms I will not open here today).


When it comes to dental restorations, price isn’t everything. It’s still something; folks can overcharge or just plain do terrible work. But, what is of paramount importance is you get value. Not the fake “value” marketing types use as a synonym for “cheap”; I mean value in that you get what you paid for and more.


Dentists’ costs don’t vary greatly, but, again, if you shop around you can get value. That’s why I like holistic dentists so much. I see value in getting a whole host of good advice from a professional still interested in learning about and sharing the latest medical research.


Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the topic. If you save a bunch on the purchase of your next hat, consider putting the extra toward seeing a good holistic dentist the next time you need work done. If you have good genes, and your teeth are cooperative (even if you don't brush). Hey. No hard feelings, man. Best of luck to you.



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Comment by Juan de la Siebelsternberg on July 16, 2021 at 1:01pm

You are very, very right, the truth is that repairing teeth or filling cavities are delicate jobs, so I started looking for some trusted dentists and I found ( they are Very good even though the truth is that they are not so close to me but with their quality of service it takes me 7 or 8 months to return.

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