(By: Rosauro M. Angeles  at [email protected])

Love, to say goodbye I will never ever say
for to live without you I cannot bear
Though in wealth we are both bare
in risks, love make us truly prepared.

Love, never ever say goodbye
In times of joy, we happily laughed in chorus
Misfortunes came and we embraced a little tighter
for promise we uttered for richer or for poorer.

Love, hold me so strong when trials make me weak
Please light my path when in the dark I cannot see
When I commit so many mistakes
learn not only to forgive, but also to forget.

It’s with your care that I have felt gladness
It’s with your love that I have felt my importance
But 'tis your tender touch and sweet kisses
that made me feel like someone who is handsome.

Love, for short is life a mere minute let us enjoy
Let us savor its essence and pronounce its value
Love I say, life has no value without you
Thus love, say not goodbye, end not our happy life.



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