Tips to write an excellent Reflective essay and get a better score

Reflective essays are based on life experiences which include a vivid summary and description of the experience. Since it is a daunting task and requires great patience, students Google terms like ‘help me write an essay’ or ‘who will help me write a reflective essay?’ This blog will be highlighting 5 proven tips to write an excellent reflective essay to score better in college.

Listed below are a few tips to write an excellent reflective essay to score better in college:

1.    Pick an interesting topic – If the topic is not assigned to you, pick a topic that you think is significant to you or which played an important role in your life at that particular moment. Make sure to include examples that demonstrate how you grew from that experience. Your topic can be anything but remember that the topic must give a strong opinion. You can choose a place you have been that could be your relative’s house or a tourist place, a life-altering event like failing or succeeding at something or a strong emotion.

2.    Plan your essay – Proper planning is a real time saver. Make sure that you do not start writing your essay until you have made a comprehensive plan. It will help you to make your writing more coherent, structured and clear. It generally happens that students feel a little lost or disorganised while writing due to lack of proper plan and organisation. Therefore, developing a thorough outline and sticking to it will help you to write a better reflexive essay to score better.

3.    Take proper notes – Making appropriate notes will help you to stay organised. Note down the experiences as accurately as you can with a brief narrative for context. Do not confuse informative essays with reflective essays. A reflective essay is all about evaluation. You do not need to describe how it happened or why it happened; you need to consider how the experience transformed your thoughts and helped you to grow as a person. Make sure that you reflect upon the experience you had before you start to write the reflective essay. It will help you not to get bogged down with irrelevant information.

4.    Choice of words – Choose the words carefully, so that you can convey your feelings and emotions properly. Be more specific with the use of adjectives. Try to avoid vague adjectives like ‘nice’ or ‘okay’. Use first person narrative ‘I’, ‘Me’ or ‘My’ and ensure that the tone of your essay is personal and reflective of your character. Make sure that you do not overuse it. Since you are writing about your experience that happened in the past, it must be stated in past tense.

5.    Proofread your essay before final submission – It is important to proofread your papers before submitting it to your teacher. It will help you to spot the errors and submit a flawless essay to your teacher. Give your essay a thorough read and spot out any grammatical mistake, a mistake in punctuation or sentence flow. If you find it difficult to proofread your essay, take essay writing help online. The experts will not only help you furnish a well-written paper, but will also provide a flawless essay.

You need to open up about your thoughts and emotion while writing an excellent reflective essay. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above to write an excellent reflective essay to score better in college.

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