Tips To Ship Your Car To Another State without Spending Too Much

Moving to a new state can be an overwhelming experience. The list of the task doesn’t seem to get any shorter with all the packing and shifting. On top of that, one of the biggest headaches is to ship your car to another state. Especially, when you have more than one vehicle to ship, it becomes challenging. Also, if your car is very valuable to you and its safety is your top concern, you don’t want to take any risk. At the same time, spending more money in shipping your car doesn’t make sense. Therefore, consider all the logical options to transport your car at a reasonable cost.


Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help you ship your car to another state. All of them are distinct in terms of cost, convenience, and benefits. If this is your first experience moving the car to a different state, here are some useful tips to help you to ship your car without spending more money.


  • Get the car hitched with your moving truck

You can rent devices to hitch your car to the truck or tow it safely to your new place. Many truck rental companies offer these devices at minimum rents. So, if you are planning to shift your house items using a truck, it is smart to get your car towed along with and save any additional shipping cost or hassles. You can choose from the option of tow dolly or a car carrier as per the model and car condition. It is prudent to make a complete inquiry before renting so that you don’t end up breaking your car. Also, find out what kind of safety you will get using which truck and what services. After all of this, if you feel right, it is good to go.


  • Hire a professional driver to drive the car

Many professional drivers cost a minimal amount to drive your car to different states. Find a driver with a valid license and work permit with all legal clearance. You can hand him the key and address to ship. Such professional drivers have relevant driving experiences they can drive your car faster and better than the other modes. You can find this type of services at concierge transportation companies.


Moreover, you can send your pet along with the driver too if both of them are comfortable. In this way, your pet doesn’t have to suffer flying sickness. You will have to pay for the cost of the drive, stay, food and a fixed pay which is pre-decided mutually. Mostly, this cost is decided based on the distance of travel and weather conditions.


  • Pick a professional auto transporter

Professional auto transporter is the best choice if you don’t want to deal with your car at all while moving. With this option, you have to pay for the loading of your car to a bigger truck with the open or closed head. You are charged based on your car size, truck type and destination of pick and drop. Generally, the cost comes around $600 to $1000 for interstate transportation. You can use promo code prior booking to save money on the final shipping cost. These promo codes of auto transportation retailers are easily available on Couponobox.


If this is your choice, make sure to investigate enough companies for best cost and trustworthy shipping. Check online reviews about the company to find out its track record and if there is any complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, look for the licensed companies only as you can hand over your car to anyone.


  • Drive it yourself

One of the cheapest and easiest ways is to drive your car by yourself. Just make sure you know all the terms or conditioned to drive through states. You can plan it a way that you get enough rest while driving and reach your destination in expected time. It is important to know the road as well as driving to unknown roads are way too risky. Keep all the required documents with yourself in case of checking or emergency.


Car shipping can be done without spending much if you use one of the methods from here mentioned options. Once your car reaches to its final destination, take a complete check of it in case there is any damage, dent or scratches. You can claim for compensation if there is breakage of any of the mutually agreed terms. Always check all the options and then choose your preferred way so that you don’t spend more. Before selecting a service, read its review and terms thoroughly and move ahead only it satisfy you.

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