Tips to Make Your Stadium Race Horse Gain Weight!

Like humans, horses too can gain and lose weight while racing in a sport or a stadium competition. There can be various causes to make the horse lose weight and become skinny. Now, when it comes to horse racing, it is essential for the horse to be a fit and healthy condition so that it can successfully compete with other horses in tournaments. It is here that the caretaker of the horse needs to check the weight of the horse frequently so that it is fit and excellent for the championships that lie ahead.

Gaining weight for stadium tournaments
When it comes to race horses, each of them is different, and they have customized feeding regimes. The coat of a good racehorse should shine, and it must have a healthy weight to perform well in horse racing tournaments and competitions. However, at times there are new horses that arrive for training, but they have less weight. Some horses just cannot put on weight no matter how much they are fed. It is here that a skilled and experienced veterinarian should step in to check the horse and prescribe a feeding regime. There could be some health issues on the horse, and it is here that he or she will start the treatment plan along with a customized diet plan.

What kind of changes are made in the feeding plan when it comes to gaining weight for the horse?
When it comes to helping a horse to gain weight, the caretaker ensures that it is fed a diet that is rich in fat. Of course, experts from say that this intake of fat must be supervised well. It should cater to the caloric density of the horse's diet. There is often environmental and psychological problems in the horse, and this is one of the main reasons why it tends to lose weight.
When it comes to race horses, they need to be fed the right portions at the right time. They are not used to drastic changes in their diet, and so when it comes to feeding the racehorse, the caregiver must ensure that the variations are done slowly. The horse too gets used to the new feeding pattern, and it does not create undue pressure on its system.

Ensure the racehorse gets the right kind of food and exercise
Along with food, the horse needs the correct amount of exercise and rest. Just because the horse refuses to put on weight does not mean that it cannot move around. It is crucial for the horse to be trained well by the caretaker. Water intake and rest are equally important for the horse so that it gradually gains weight and becomes strong enough to participate in racing tournaments.
When it comes to horse races, it is imperative for you to ensure that the horse is happy and healthy to win. The caretaker should love the horse and not treat the task of looking after it as an obligation. Happy horses are satisfied, and they are fit and strong enough to run and win races with success!

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