Tips to help senior adults stay safe online

Internet comes handy when we get free time from our busy schedules. While adult seniors have more time as they are not involved in any professional activities, they are more to becoming the victim of an online scam.

Even if you have come to read this article for yourself or to help a senior member in your house, these handy tips will be helpful for both. In addition to this, these tips are also important for people from all the walk of life.

Thus, you may give it a read if you do not want to become a victim of someone’s ill will.

Here's what you can do ( )

  • Use stricter security with your router

When you bring home a new router, it is more prone to hacking than those which are older. This is because there is default id and password set on these routers. Thus, one should change the default security credentials of the routers as soon as he purchases it.

  • Ask them to use tough passwords

Not just using a unique password on social media accounts or shopping websites will do, but they should be tough enough that nobody can easily guess it. Moreover, when you create a new account, you are provided with instructions for creating passwords which you should not avoid sharing.

  • Tell them how scams are implemented

Senior adults can easily get trapped in the scam operation created by hackers and they easily give in to sharing their information. This information could be personal or financial which may cause a huge financial loss. Reportedly, seniors tend to get attacked by a phishing scam as compared to the youngsters.

  • Go to the source

For any kind of information sharing or support, ask them to visit only the official website of the particular platform. In case an executive calls you to give the details of an ongoing offer, make sure to recheck about it on the official webpage before you become a victim and never get the ordered item.

  • Use a personal VPN

In the first hand, you should avoid using a public network, but, if there is an emergency situation where you need to use one such network, then you should use a personal VPN to surf through the websites. This helps in the encrypting the data you share or receive over the internet.

There are different products that offer you this functionality and one such product is McAfee Total Protection which can be obtained via Also, ask them to never share their personal or financial data to someone who claims to be a person representing the official owners of any platforms.

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