Tips to Dress Fashionably in Your 20s along with Tips for Buying Clothes and Accessories within Budget

Age is a factor that we rarely consider when dressing, and many women think that if they wear clothes for young people such as tight clothing or which show more skin, they will look a few years younger, but sometimes, the effect is totally opposite. To dress with elegance, in addition to considering your body type and particular tastes, you must take into account the stage of life you are going through.

To the 20 years, one is experimented with the clothes to define a style; in the 30s, one manages a style that reflects the personality, and in 40s, the clothes are combined to achieve a sober but attractive style. Here is a style guide for you to learn how to dress if you are in the 20s.

Give yourself the luxury of experimenting with fashion, since it is the ideal age to risk and try different trends. Bet on the color block, do not limit yourself to black or neutral tones, you can look glamorous with garments in orange, green, red, pink or green.

Give your look a touch of joy and combine your t-shirts with belts, scarves or vintage accessories. Dare on floral prints, shorts, jumpsuits and blouses showing one shoulder. Two trends that are fashionable among the girls in 20 are aesthetic punk and garments with rock and roll dyes. 

If you have started working life, do not forget the basics, i.e., black dress pants, a classic black dress, a blazer, a dress skirt and a pair of white blouses.


You can go with the faded pants, skinny jeans, boot cuts, tight jeans, loose or any other design with which you feel comfortable, whether in basic black, indigo blue, showy tones or floral print. Experiment with the different tones and textures and combine your skinny pants in black leather with a beige stiletto and a short sequin jacket.


Wear biker, leather or military jackets with studs and sequins. Make it work at your age and get them carved with a variety of colors and textures.


Dare to wear short dresses which mix different fabrics like gauze, transparencies, lace, and vinyl. Fill your closet with daring and suggestive models with details of shiny beads but at the same time be elegant. 

At this age, overlapping garments are allowed, but do not use them very strikingly, so that they are not countered and also avoid very long garments, for example, dress trousers or jeans with overlay. 

Tips To Buy Fashion Clothing and Accessories within Your Budget

We strongly agree that buying at clearance time is a pleasure for any girl. It is incredible how much more you can acquire with the same money with which you hardly acceded to a garment in the season. Anyway, you have to take some precautions to not end up with your wardrobe full of clothes that you will never use; there is no worse money spent than this. It is important that you take these recommendations into account when the time comes to tour your favorite fashion store.

If there is something that you will never be wrong is that if you take the discounts to get yourself the basic garments which never go out of fashion and always recur. Each one has its style and the basics are not the same for all, so think about what yours are. Here's a basic list to keep in your wallet:

  • A classic black dress with knee length 
  • T-shirts and tank-tops in neutral colors
  • A fitted white shirt
  • Jeans in blue, black or gray
  • Black dress pants on the fabric that you like
  • Medium-heeled shoes in black or brown  
  • Ballerinas in various shades are always a great wild card
  • Trouser suit or skirt in neutral colors
  • Capping notched in black, blue or earth colors
  • Warm coat to the knee 
  • Underwear, a quality bra, and a neutral gown

Party Clothes

If you want to bet on clothes for special occasions, and you hope that your find will last a few seasons in your wardrobe, the first thing you consider is quality. Secondly, let it be classic.

Prefer the neutral colors, the range of white, black, or also the dark blue. Don’t buy in prints, as they can result in a bad investment. Choose fabrics such as silk, gauze, satin, chiffon, and get away from metalized, woven or textured fabrics.

A similar criterion applies to the shoes. The extreme platforms are very fashionable, but how many more seasons will they last? The same goes for metallic shoes, colored or lined in printed fabrics.

A Few Important Points

  • Don’t buy a different waistline than yours hoping to be thinner next year. 
  • Check the garment very well before buying it, ensure it is not stained, torn or with faults in the seam or fabric
  • It is preferable that you invest your money in a very good garment like a cap or a suit that you will wear for years, rather than fill your drawers with identical shirts.
  • Sales are a great opportunity to find woven garments, which are usually very expensive during the winter. 
  • Take time to think about the gifts you have to make in the next month. Choose accessories, purses or pashminas, which are always well received and don’t depend on size.  
  • Never forget your own style and the shape of your body. You will waste your money if you buy a garment that does not go with your personality and style. 

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